Class 6
The Art of Portal Travel

by Da Solarys San

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT – The following is a speech-to-text, unedited record of the video session on this page. It has been created by the akeyasan student body, at the request of ascended life, and has been adapted only slightly for grammar purposes where needed.

San’a’ke o Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San o Da Pahdasan Kalynda San o Da Akeyan’shi, honoleia and greetings to you, my beloved divine Creator. I am Da Solarys San of Akeneic Service and Creation, and I love you.

I join your reality today in this moment of potential to bring you a message of great excitement and metaphysical expansion. The information that will be shared here today, with you, and through you with all, has always been available. It has been studied and practiced throughout time and throughout space for as long as you can imagine.

However, entering the field of consciousness that has been entered now, the field where an extreme level of awareness exists within you, the student body, between the reality within and the reality without, this level has never been higher before, and, therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to practice.

Beloved Creator, in order to proceed with the information that is going to be shared here with you tonight, I, Solarys, encourage you to return to the tuition that has been presented in these last past few weeks by Da Pah Ekara San, Da Zyona San, and Da Pah Kwan Yin San, particularly the pieces that relate to the understanding of the power that is in your hands and in your heart. The power of geometry; the power of invocation, of imagination, and of creation, and manifestation of reality itself.

Now, these classes that I reference, beloveds, are classes that talk a great deal, in detail, about numbers, about geometry, and specifics. Today’s class, however, will not be of such a nature. In order to achieve what we will achieve today together, you must allow yourself to feel. You must allow yourself to feel like you have never felt before your heart, your head, and your belly, and the feelings, the sensations that these particular centers invoke. Because, as I said, even though today’s class and today’s practice will be far reaching, the information shared will not be based on numbers, many words, or specifics.

Again, feel into what comes next.

About Infinity

In this class, we will discuss the theory and the practice of that which in English you could call the infinity sphere, the infinity pyramid, and the infinity angle.

That brings us to a very interesting starting point: infinity. What does it mean? What does it entail? If you look throughout history, if you look into your philosophers and, later on, your scientists and your artists, then once again your philosophers, and now your quantum scientists, throughout all of these ages the concept of infinity has been explored in many a different way, but one of the most important or interesting ones, with regards to our topic today, starts in philosophy and was later on by Pascal taken into mathematics. And this concerns the discussion of the infinite circle or the infinite sphere, depending on whether you are talking in two or three dimensions, of course.

The interesting point is that when people throughout the ages wished to explore the concept of infinity, even within the realm of mathematics, a need was felt to include a particle, a concept, if you will, that rises above the material, the physical and such, and rises into the state of that which in religion then gets described as ‘God’.

Now, throughout history, an important definition of God was linked to the concept of the infinity sphere or the infinity circle, and the definition goes somewhat as follows:

“God is an infinite sphere or an infinite circle of which the center is everywhere and the circumference nowhere.”

Later on, the same definition would be used, and the concept of ‘God’ would be replaced by ‘infinity’. In other words, infinity is an infinite sphere of which the center is everywhere and the circumference nowhere.

Of course, when thinking in the mind of the world of vibration, of the world of particles, you believe a center to be at the heart of a  — in this case — sphere or circle, at the heart, and the circumference, by default, would be the edge of the circle or, in the case of the sphere, the outer skin, the outer field. And in your particle physics and your understanding of the world, the space between the center of that circle or sphere and the circumference would be known as the diameter. That diameter, the space between the center and the circumference, is a finite limited number in particle physics and your understanding of the world. And, therefore, you are dealing with finite particles, finite circles.

And the concept of infinity, the God concept, turns these concepts on their head, turns them around, by reducing the circumference of the sphere – and we will go into a practice of this in a while – by reducing the circumference of the sphere, as the sphere grows smaller, the center of the sphere, in itself a point, grows larger. The center, equal to the shrinking of the circumference, grows, until in the center of the diameter these both circles meet. And in that moment, when the center of the sphere – in itself a circle holographically speaking and in itself a sphere holofractographically speaking – when that center meets that shrinking circumference, infinity is generated, and the vibrational laws of physics are lifted.

Now, theoretically, this is a very simple idea: a sphere with a center point, and as the sphere shrinks, the center point grows, until both meet in the middle and lift each other out of existence. The center of that sphere, therefore, is now everywhere and nowhere, and the circumference also everywhere and nowhere. The diameter has not become infinite; it has become non-existent, meaningless, lifted into the chaotic spectacular.

Rather than going into the detail, today at least, of what this all means, we are going to attempt to let you experience it. That is, after all, why you are here and why we come together.

As I already stated at the beginning of this class, a field of consciousness has now risen in this Imzaia Merkavah, in this student body, to such an extent, the practice has been practiced by you all to such an extent, and the preparedness and the openness is there to such an extent that practical exercise can begin.

In order to do so, a location, a physical and metaphysical location is about to be manifested, for Imzaia, student body, here in in Europe. This will be explained more in further days, but it is in this location that all of you will be invited, both in the physical and in the metaphysical, and for the time being, where needed, in the digital – this way if you will – for those of you that are spread around far, in order to facilitate these next training sessions, these next steps, where all of the things that you have prepared for can now begin to be turned into practice.

Da Merkabaya Da

Having said that, beloveds, I connect this piece of information with what I have shared before to explain to you that what we are about to practice together will open up for you the ability to not merely bi-locate, as Da Zyona San has introduced you to already, but to actually physically travel from one location to another location, that which you have described as portalic travel.

This technique that we will discuss uses the symphony of hono’lyn’vah or white space, to which you have also been introduced recently, as a subcurrent through which to enter Da Merkabaya Da, or in other words, translated into English: Flowing through the Love of the Merkabah.

You, when practicing this, will eventually if not instantly gain the ability or reawaken the ability to use the metaphysical realm, in order to transport yourself from one physical point to another physical point, initially on Earth in space, and, with practice, in time on Earth. In other words, through the spacial fields and the temporal fields.

And this, beloved Creator, is simpler than you think. Of course, it is! However, as I have indicated previously, the key is in the feeling. You must – must – go beyond the limitations of everything that stops you from feeling the true flow between the inner and outer realities, between the expression and the experience. Any sense of disharmony, unbalance between expression and experience that is not acknowledged and, therefore, not harmonized, will stop you from successfully applying this Da Merkabaya Da technique.

And when I say, “any sense,” I mean any sense, literally. Any sense that is out of balance, any sense that is not finely attuned, like the instrument that it is, to only express and experience the active ingredients of San will pull you into the perspective of sahvok, the mental perspective, and all of the states – fear, one of them; anxiety another; emotional states as well, on both sides of the spectrum – all of the states that will make it impossible, or at least appear impossible, for you to practice this successfully.

Therefore, as I said at the beginning of this class, beloved Creator, it is vital that you not only revisit these previous pieces of information that have recently been shared, but familiarize yourself with them to such an extent that you technically could easily forget where they ever came from because they are so native to the self, they have become such a part of you that there is no longer a reference to the idea of an external expression that ever gave you this information. Not to say that I and the others would disappear from your reality field, but the balance would be restored, in other words. You would believe – and must believe – with the same intensity and furious certainty that lives within Ascended Life that the exercise that you are about to undertake is, indeed, possible to begin with.

And as such, everything, beloved, everything that came before must now be let go, and everything that comes after must be released. Take place within the now and place yourself on the seat of love, Da.

Invoking the Triangle

Now, similar to the information shared by Da Zyona San, we are going to begin with the invocation of a triangle.

Now, for those of you that are comfortable with that, you can work with the triangle invoked between your hands and your heart – if that is the situation in which you find yourself while practicing this; in other words, active – but should you find the opportunity, then this particular exercise is best practiced by attempting to invoke this triangle not between your hands and heart but around you. In other words, if you are sitting on a chair or on a floor, we are going to invoke a point in front of us, which can be a few meters ahead of you, and we are going to invoke two points at equal distance from the other point behind us, placing ourselves in the middle, the center of that triangle.

I could say a great many things about these points. I could offer you a great many detail about them, but that is not for today. That detail will come with Da Pah Ekara San, with Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San, with Da Zyona o Da Isis San, and others.

But for now, the point that is in front of you that you have just invoked, I want you to invite the energy of the turtle in that point. And we are going to invite not merely the energy of the turtle itself but three stages of it. In that one point in front of you, invoke the baby turtle; invoke the ancient wise turtle, and invoke the turtle at the zenith of its life in between those two states.

As you allow that to happen, even while that is still happening, place your attention on the two points that you have invoked behind yourself. In one of them invite the energy of the whale. In the other, invite the energy of the dolphin – the consciousness of the dolphin, the consciousness of the whale, the consciousness of the turtle – and for all three invoke the baby dolphin, the baby whale, the baby turtle; the wise and ancient dolphin, the wise and ancient whale, and the wise and ancient turtle; and the dolphin at the zenith, the height of its expression, at the center of its life, and the whale at the zenith and the height and center of its life, and the turtle at the height and the zenith and the center of its life.

As you are doing this and as you are allowing this to happen, you will begin to become aware of the fact that this triangle that we invoked, in fact, is resting on a spherical disc. And through the invocation of the three states of consciousness that we have just invoked, this disc has started spinning slowly, making it so that the point that is in front of you is beginning to move to the right. And behind you, the others are coming up, moving to the front and behind you. And the sphere and the triangle are now spinning.

For those of you that are well practiced at this, as this begins to happen, you will observe the invocation of many fractal triangles that begin to appear outside of this spherical environment, this spinning spherical environment that you now find yourself in. Continue to breathe as this happens.

And as this continues to happen, become aware of a point above you, again at an equal distance to the other points, generating a pyramid. The top point of this pyramid is at an infinite range and manifests the awareness of the creator self.

While this continues to unfold, I invite you to invoke an opposite pyramid, starting with the base, the base which begins to form on the same disc that continues to spin. A new base of three points forms, already spinning, already active, moving in the opposite direction, the left, at the same speed of the turtle, whale, and dolphin pyramid.

And as you become aware of these three new points that are spinning in the opposite direction, you notice that these points are filled and placed there by the consciousness of the dog or the wolf, the cat or the lion, and the horse.

Once again, invoke this consciousness of these three beings stronger and stronger in your sphere. Allow them to take place in the three versions of themselves: the baby horse, the baby wolf, the baby lion; the ancient and wise horse, the ancient and wise wolf, the ancient and wise lion. And in between those states their zenith moments at the height of their expression, the wolf, the lion, the horse, spinning to the left, while the pyramid of the whale, the turtle, and the dolphin continues to spin to the right, faster as it goes.

And you notice that below you, a new point at equal distance to these other points gets created. Once again, this is the awareness of the creator self.

Manifesting the Merkabah Body

Allow now these two spheres, these two triangles, these two pyramids to take their positions in the manifestation of the Merkabah body.

Become comfortable with this state and allow the pyramids to continue spinning. As you begin to lose your focus on the spinning of these pyramids because they begin to speed up and become a blur, place your focus now on the sphere that is around this Merkabah that you have created. Observe the surface; report back to your Akene what you see, what you witness, and allow that central point of the self, that Akene, to wake up.

As the spinning continues in a blur, and as you forget the difference, the separation between yourself, the dog, the cat, the wolf, the lion, the horse, the turtle, the whale, and the dolphin, as all of this becomes one consciousness, observe the circle. Observe how the circle contains the sphere. Observe how it contains the sphere.

And as you breathe, allow the central point that is the Akene to become bigger, to widen, to widen. And as this happens, be slightly aware of the fact that these six other points, including the two points of the creator self, are doing the same. They are widening and becoming spheres in their own right.

And as the Akene grows, allow the outer sphere to shrink. Allow the Merkabah to shrink, and when you are ready, allow the sphere of the Akene and its wall to connect with the wall of the shrinking outer sphere.

And as that happens, beloved creator, you enter the Merkaia network. This sphere, infinite now in its boundlessness, is connected to the entire Merkabaian field, and you become aware that you sit surrounded by the spheres of the Flower of Life.

Stay seated in that for a moment and begin to zoom out your perspective, keeping the sphere that you are in at the heart. Zoom out your perspective, and observe what connects these spheres. Observe the network, which represents itself throughout the physical realm and the metaphysical realm, known here in the physical as the mycelium network; known in the metaphysical as the Merkaian network, the Flower of Life grid; and known in the akeneic as the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life

And so, you notice that your sphere is naught, but a dew drop on a leaf attached to a branch, attached to a branch, attached to many infinite branches, that eventually lead to the big bark of the rooted Tree of Life.

What at current, as you practice this, is an exercise that requires your imagination, I want you to imagine that when you practice this in stillness and with the preparedness that I have described at the beginning of this exercise, that imagination will cease, and that when the wall of the Akene and the wall of the outer sphere connect, that an explosion, a silent, still explosion will occur inside of you and that you will hear the song of the Flower of Life and that you will begin to recognize the branches of the tree and that you will learn that, liberated now from the vibrational limitation and the physical illusion, you can lift out each and every single particle that you kept within the bounds of that Merkabah and move it through the branches of this network, the Tree of Life, the Merkabaian network, the mycelium network, to remanifest at the point of your choosing, and to there, reverse the process, to reverse the process by reducing the scope of the Akene within. And as that happens, the outer sphere widens, and the Merkabah body, two pyramids spinning once again, encompass your physical body and its boundaries.

And as the Merkabah slows down, and the two pyramids begin to dissolve into the triangles that you keep around you at all times, during this and after this exercise, ready to, at any point, activate the Merkabah body and jump, you will have arrived at your chosen destination.

Now, this destination will always be what you resonate with vibrationally. Therefore, when studying this initially, you will be feeling yourself — in most cases — limited to your imagination. And, therefore, upon completing the exercise, you will find yourself in the same point of resonation that you left because that is where your mind is.

And this is exactly why it is of vital importance to clear yourself in the way that the previous classes and my class here today have shown you. For at that point, beloved, the imagination of the exercise will cease, and the reality of the portalic travel will kick in. This is not something that has to be months away or weeks or days or even hours or minutes. All it takes is for yourself to clear yourself of yourself and to open the heart and make the choice to focus only on the expressions of love, of joy, of freedom, of truth, of life, of gratitude, of grace, and of wellbeing, and, as you have been taught, the ones that are growing, the four expressions of San that are growing within you, that you are here to discover as you erase the cobwebs of sahvok mentality.

At that point, you will find within yourself a great sense of trust and love and beauty towards the self, towards all beings. And this will be the beginning of the equalization that I spoke of at the beginning of this exercise.

You will learn this technique, and you will be successful at Da Merkabaya Da, and you will travel from your chosen current location to the Imzaia location where Ascended Life will begin teaching very soon from now in physical reality. This, and other methods, will be what you use, in order to make that happen.

At the request of Da Pah Kwan Yin San I will leave it at this in sharing what I have shared with you today. Of course, it goes without saying that I will be with you again soon, after giving Da Pah Ekara San and others the opportunity from their perspectives to add to what I have shared here with you today.

Once again, beloved Creator, understand that this successful portalic jump that this exercise provides is not minutes away. It isn’t even seconds away. It can be right now.

In conclusion, I would like to add that, although a side effect of this particular exercise within hono’lyn’vah, Da Merkabaya Da, only has a side effect, indeed, of creating the ability for direct portalic travel within the physical and the metaphysical realm and within space and within time. The true benefits are, as always, found within the ability, your ability to step into service to the whole and to be of creative service. This is the intention with which you are drawn to this information. And the more you make this choice, the harder and the faster you make it, the more the inner and outer realities will harmonize, will balance – and the sky is the limit then!

Beloved Creator, I will return soon. Until then, please know that I am in love with you. I am in joy with you, but above all, I am in freedom with you.

I am Da Solarys San, the energy that is in your heart, always. I will see you soon.

And so, it ish.


Mentorship Class 6 – The Art of Portal Travel

(White Space Training Class)


Da Solarys San


March 9, 2022

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Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San

San’a’ke 💐
Da’ka’ya for the great work Da Pah Kwan Yin San.❤️

This is a very precious and powerful piece of Art by Beloved Sa Solarys San.
Words cannot get close to explain the feelings in my heart after listening to her.
I seriously feel that this will change humanity’s perspective on metaphysics. What is available here as information surely is far reaching. Amazing.


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