Class 4 - Part 1
A New Way of Human Being Can Begin

by Da Pah Ekara San

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT – The following is a speech-to-text, unedited record of the video session on this page. It has been created by the akeyasan student body, at the request of ascended life, and has been adapted only slightly for grammar purposes where needed.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: San’a’ke o Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San o Da Pahdasan Kalynda San o Da Akeyan’shi, honoleia.

As I prepare to bring Da Pah Ekara San in for this first part of the broadcast, we are now going to enjoy a few minutes of music by Da Pahdasan’ka. See you on the flipside!

Da Pah Ekara San

Ohami vish imzaia’e! Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San o Da Pahdasan Kalynda San o Da Akeyan’shi imzaia’e honoleia.

How wonderful to be here with you all today. I feel like I should begin by saying, quite a few years that you have had I believe. And, as such, what a perfect time right now to come together, albeit digitally at this point, to come together all over the world to create community, to create unity and connection, and to prepare for a reality, a way of being, where perhaps now, you will look at some of the pieces of information that were shared years ago in different ways.

I still remember the good old days, as some would say, when Da Jeshua San was traveling through the United States in 2007, and I was invited in for a class in Mount Shasta. That class most of you know as “The New Energy Human.” And in that class, I spoke of the splintering of human consciousness. I spoke of the splintering of awareness and of the mind that is the result of working with the many technological tools that you have become accustomed to, let’s say. I spoke of what at the time was a relatively new invention, the iPhone and the smartphone and the beginning of all these various tools. Of course, you already had your computer systems and your internet systems and your telephone systems, and before that even the handwritten word and the printed word.

Now, I am not saying – and I never have, of course – that any of these things are either good or that they are bad. They are mere tools, ultimately, that you can use in either level of consciousness that you would choose to situate yourself in, let’s say. Much like the classic example that a knife can be used to cut bread or to cut skin. One is more advantageous than the other, let’s say. So, the same with these types of tools.

But, of course, over the course of the years that you have been using these systems – for better or for worse; let’s leave that in the middle – you cannot deny that for many on Earth, they have become a second nature. Many people live with these devices, by now literally attached to their hand or, otherwise, to their wrist. And many people, of course, find this very cool and sci-fi and tech. And it is! It is cool, don’t get me wrong! Akeneically speaking, I personally have been involved in the creation of much a Sci-Fi manifestation on Earth. Think of “Star Trek” or “Babylon 5” or those types of creations, all have the signature and the thumbprint, if you will – or by now, the eye-scan you should say, or face-scan – of ascended life and akeneic reality intermingled with them in one way or another.

So, again, these things are great uses of imagination. But that is the key. What do you do then with that imagination? Because for many humans on Earth, the question could be asked, “Who would you be today if it were not for these portals that you call phones and screens and laptops and desktops and TV screens and such?” Who would you be?

Who would you be if these screens had only continued to operate on the level of information and expression of consciousness, rather than the systems that have been put in place through your notifications and your different apps and what have you not that will all constantly pull your attention into the now moment, but into a very different now moment than the one that you potentially were originally creating.

And I know of this in the time between 2007 and 2009 when I, myself, was hanging around much more often. And now, Da Pah Kwan Yin San knows of this, too. As we try to reach you, especially during these years of so-called ‘lock-down’ as your prison wardens like to call it, I also spoke about that back in 2007, reality being a prison that was being built all around you. These things are all connected, of course.

As this was being built around you, and we continued to try and reach out to you in these digital and technological ways, we ourselves are limited to sending emails and sending notifications onto your devices, and trying to get into the – I see the gentleman over there wearing the octopus symbol, a very good sign – trying to get into the octopus that is social media that has its tentacles in all of your parts of life, in all of your devices and such, in order to try and reach each other.

So, that is what has been happening over the years. But as I say, who would you be today if these things would have stayed on an informational level and not on a distractive level, like they have become today? Who would you be without the addiction of being called towards an app or a function or a game or a piece of information, let’s call it ‘news-sance’ – that’s the full word for news, by the way, nuisance. They shortened it because it is easier to say over the years. Da Ami San, I see, is here. She worked in the industry. She’ll know what I am talking about.

So, yes, you look at these things and you wonder. Who are you? Who are you? Where do you stop? Where do you end? Where do your thoughts, does your sphere of consciousness end and where does the sphere of consciousness that could be considered an influence on your thoughts, where does that begin?

These are not questions that we are going to answer today, but they are questions I want to present you with at the beginning of this, our journey into the mastery of white space training and, therefore, also the beginning of our journey into Eja’i Chi Pah.

Eja'i Chi Hono'lyn'vah Pah

This first part, these first classes that will be presented now, Eja’i Chi Hono’lyn’vah Pah, or the mastering of white space, has everything to do, in a way, with your attention: where you place your attention, where you put your focus.

Now, as humans on this Earth, of course, everyone knows that it is not so much time that is money and nor is it data that is money. It is focus that is money – or at least you should say, it is focus that is power.

For many generations in this world, those like yourselves, everyone on this Earth, your ancestors included, have been heavily influenced by the presence of power, not in an empowering way, a power that presents itself in a separate, disconnected way to yourself, in a way of authority, in a way of dominance, often in the way of a hidden hand.

Now, this hand over this last period of years, of course, has no longer been so hidden. It is through creations such as the beloved Mr. Icke and others that these points of attention have been brought to your awareness over the years, and all of the things that have been for so long considered conspiracy theory, things that seemed too fantastical for most people to even consider, now, have become commonplace knowledge. They are in the nuisance every day. After your dashboards with your Corona figures and those sorts of things that you see, come all of the things that once were the content of the bowels of the internet, you could say, where people had to go and seek for information. And before that, the hidden content of libraries and meetings all over the Earth, now is common knowledge.

This brings a wonderful advantage to human consciousness because it offers the opportunity for the raising of a question, and the question is, “Who am I?” And out of that question comes forth, “Where am I? What am I doing here? What do I want to do here?”

Now, from that perspective, human life is undergoing its greatest change. Everyone on this planet now, whether they be in a family oriented situation or whether they are completely traveling as a lone wolf through this reality, either side of that spectrum is questioning themselves. Whether they are aware of it or not. Whether it is conscious questioning or subconscious questioning.

The proof, in this case, is in the pudding! And the pudding, in this case, is your external reality, that very reality that back in 2007 or 2009, or as late as 2018 and 2019 in your timeline, still presented itself to most as a very gentle world, a very soft world, and even though (on the periphery for most) very negative things, such as world hunger and such, were going on, it was easy to pretend for most, especially in western cultures that this was not happening to you. It was easy to choose to put this in your blind spot because the challenges of modern day life with its splintering, as just discussed, that, of course, isn’t only happening through various tools and devices, but also through demands and through the splitting up of the human being in various expressions of the self, has, ultimately, led to the fact that you now have come to this ultimate question as a species.

The Splitting Up of the Human Self

The splitting up of the human self, you must understand that from a perspective of several cultures ago on this Earth, of several societies ago – going back to for instance the Lemurian culture – this splitting up of the personality is a rather odd occurrence indeed, where you see yourself as a spectrum of a person, where you are partially a mother or a father or a child or a brother or a sister, an employee or an employer, where you can have all of these various functions. And if you look at yourself, then you will see that these various functions are not synchronized. They are not in harmony. In a way, you could even argue that there is a type of schizophrenia going on within the human personality that allows for this type of self-expression that by default comes with boundaries, with layers of protection, and with eventual conflict – as has been explained back in 2011, I believe, when I taught about “Vibrational Misalignment” quite a bit at the time – eventual conflict, that then eventually expresses itself in your external reality. And, in that way you could argue that for most on this Earth, that external reality that many other expressions of consciousness and many other cultures on this Earth had already fully come to appreciate the bitterness of, the flavor of, has now reached your shores, your personal shores of consciousness and of beingness.

Now, fortunately, we deliver this message at the time that most on this Earth have become aware not only of the fact that this is some shit, as they say, that some bullshit has been going on – that is the only way you can say it – most are now aware of that, fortunately, but also, most, not only those that are conscious of the situations that are ongoing, like yourselves, but most on this Earth, in all sorts of walks of life, are not only aware of it, they are also done with it. And that choice has been made. That evolution is now occurring.

We have had for years, especially in the presentation of the Imzaia work, experienced difficulty in manifesting this material, and particularly in manifesting it at particular points in time and space in a sequential motion that to most humans makes sense. To most of you out there and in the world that means a type of repetitiveness, to which, as you all know, it has always been a great challenge for Imzaia to be repetitive, to be showing up at certain points at certain times in a repetitive way – if not for the mere fact alone that cycles themselves do not happen in exactly repetitive ways, but always in expansive or compressive ways. In other words, from the perspective of ascended life, a 24-hour clock doesn’t get back to the same point after 24 hours, but there is slight expansion or a slight shrinkage in that expression of time. And this goes for the expression of space or any type of expression of San – whether it is in geometrical ways or even in inverted geometrical ways.

What we are saying, however, is that at this point, the largest issue that was causing this – and I have always said this as long back as 2007 – was the human comfort zone, the human comfort zone that allowed most beings to stay stuck, to remain stuck to their ways. And all of you know, as you looked at your older generations when even you were younger, all of you see older generations getting stuck in their ways. You notice how parameters get smaller in people’s minds, until eventually, the biological functions cease in any being that goes through these steps of narrowing the personality down and refining it through the lens of the ego, until it burns itself up.

So, as humanity has now come to that point that the comfort zone has fallen away, even in western cultures, even to those that appreciated the so-called nanny state, the so-called complete control of one’s life. Even those in the most civilized and docile – when I say that I mean it in western terms, not in universal terms – civilized and docile countries, such as here in the Netherlands or out there in Canada, for instance, you see a change of heart, and you see the governments and the authority figures in general responding to that.

It is in that moment that consciousness expands. It is in that moment that humanity came to the decision, consciously or subconsciously, to reverse the process that had begun a long time ago, to reverse the splintering, to reverse its adherence to the authority of power.

The Concept of Mah'non

And when we speak of power, we speak of a very specific type. I brought it up earlier already. We are speaking of the concept of mah’non.

Now, this is the idea that goes back to the invention of money and the invention of that sort of ownership, let’s say, because Mah’non in ancient cultures, was seen as a deity, a deity that often would express itself in negative ways, in ways that you would then consider demonic.

And so, a lot the power structures in your world adhere to this principle. And the principle of mah’non, as you look it up or research it through your metaphysical knowledge that has been accumulated over the centuries, you will see that this involves the principle of stacking.

Now, think of this for a minute, stacking. Look at the development of your cultures and your societies. Look at how as humans begin to gather and gather and gather and collect with more and more and more in the same space, eventually, this concept of stacking even seems to take place in the physical world. You begin to build skyscrapers and those sort of structures. – Recently announced here in the Netherlands that in places, such as The Hague, millions of new homes need to be built, and they are going to be built in the form of these massive skyscrapers. The principles of stacking.

The United States and places like Canada and other places – think of more modern cities, more recent cities, such as Dubai, for instance – all over the world you have this principle. Very much looks like a computer chip sometimes where you also see the same principle in data processing. But you most especially see this principle of stacking when it comes to money, when it comes to finances.

Now, there are many that have gone before you in this question of, why? Why this principle of stacking? Why this principle of mah’non? Why is this power structure so important to those that through service to self usually get caught up in this?

And I can save you, if you will, a long, long  journey on this one because, eventually – even though you will go through many an explanation for why this principle of power, of stacking, of mah’non is in place, at play – it is very simple: Just for the sake of it. For the sake of it itself. It is that simple. It is just like you see in your own tiny obsessions with your notifications and those systems that keep pulling you back in if you are not aware of it. It is that same principle.

One thing, literally, led to another, led to another, led to another, led to another. And as the pile of – whether it is money or power – grows, the being that begins to hoard this like — if some of you may understand this — like Dagobert Duck [Scrooge McDuck], the head duck of the ducklings in the Disney stories, like one of these rich uncles that literally swims in piles of gold in the cartoons for this reason. These same entities get stuck in this power play. There is no other, deeper philosophy here.

This philosophy is now at the surface awareness of every human being on Earth. It took centuries to get there because, obviously, those cultures that previously had been colonized by the west, and in so many places where this colonization is still ongoing, already had centuries of awareness of this. But finally, this awareness has reached these shores of western consciousness.

And you have seen in these last several years, as the ‘MeToo’ movements and all of these other things began, that hell has been raised and that political advantage, the mah’non structure itself, has begun even politicizing and benefitting financially from these structures. So be it.

That is, of course, the principle that is at play. Therefore, it will also, as this consciousness gets raised, do the same thing. As I said, there is no deeper thinking about this. It is just for the sake of it.

But as this happened, you could argue that a great unbalance has been created in human consciousness, and that people are now even more against one another, riled up against one another, than ever before perhaps.

I would argue that this is not true. I would argue that this, too, is merely something coming to the surface that has been subconscious for very long. And so, you see attacks between races. White people, black people, people of all sorts of cultures can’t seem to find themselves – if… if you observe the nuisance at least. Because if you do not watch the nuisance, if you merely look out there, if you merely connect from one person to another, you will see a very different story. – But more on that later. More on that later.

Through the lens, however, of the common cultural nuisance that you call ‘media’, it seems to be the story. And even worse! Not only between the so-called individual races  — like that’s even a thing! — but also within countries themselves, and within cultures themselves. You have the big battle of vaccinations and that sort of story going on, and if it is not about that, then it is about other preferences. I have told you about this for years as well that it is through the defining and the constant defining of preference that eventually, these goals are reached. Because, let’s face it, in order to continue to stack something that is already stacked, must you not divide it again? Exactly! Just for the sake of it.

And in the midst of all of that, we step into infinity. In the midst of all of that, Eja’i Chi Pah. Eja’i Chi Pah, being here now. The mastery of hono’lyn’vah in the midst of all of that. Why not? Is there ever a better time?

Who Are You as a Unified Version of Self?

Ah, beloveds, having said all of this, I would like to invite you to take some time in the days ahead to consider for yourselves, who you are when you take all of these pieces, all of these roles and functions that you play on the spectrum of your life, your personality, and when you no longer consider they are boundaries, but that the spectrum becomes one? Who is that person?

And also, I want you to think, if that person were to emerge, this unified version of yourself in the personality life, if that persona were to emerge, then what would it do? What would you do with your time here, with your expression and your experience? Who will you be? Who are you when the portals lose their power? When the beckoning stops, when the calling becomes a calling that no longer comes from these devices and these external situations, but the calling is from within?

As we enter the study of Eja’i Chi Pah, and with that, the study of Hono’lyn’vah, white space, we will come back to that question often because you can imagine that a practice of this level of focus requires a level of obsession that comes close to love if you will, and not just any kind of love. The creator self. The love of creation and of all that is created. The type of focus that comes with the presence of the universal mother, the universal father, the universal creator self; that focus that eventually reaches all the way down into this ekaraia manifestation, and you see it returned in the love between a mother bird and its nestlings.

That focus that she expresses and that that father expresses, that is the focus of the creator self that is upon you, through you, with you at all times. And do you hear those notifications? Is there an app for that, you could ask? – Maybe we should call Steve Jobs one of these days and see what he’s doing! – But is there an app for that? Yes! Yes, there is. It’s right here. It’s called the Akene. You press it. Extremely long battery life, best Wi-Fi ever, no password required. Hmm.

Unsplintering the Self

That focus that is present within that stillness that we just experienced together a second ago, that stillness that is not empty, but that is filled with da, with love, and ba, joy, and va, freedom, ra, truth, and ka, life itself. Those elements that Da Pah Kwan Yin San has helped find, has helped you find through the exploration of the Rivers of San. That essence. The ever presence of that is immediately clear to any seeker, any student as quickly as that student comes to the decision of unsplintering the self.

And how does one do that? Because you can talk about removing your devices. No! No, it is not about that. It is not about becoming a hermit. It is not about disconnecting from the world. It is about choosing – and here we go again, maybe some of you may think in the future – but it is about choosing the true ingredients of reality creation.

And then we come back to the simplicity. These elements that I have just mentioned, these ingredients that I have just mentioned, place your focus there. Demand of yourself that this is the truth of your reality and that everything else that you encounter is merely the creator self in hiding if you will, inverted. And underneath those blocks, you find the whole. You find love. You find joy and freedom.

When that realization has become a practice, I dare say that you will learn that something happens to your sensory experience of reality. We have spoken years ago about the Ascended Senses. I spoke to you about the sense of direction, etc.

Now, in those moments, I was trying to explain to you what I am saying to you here today. You do not have to go through this world, through this experience in a passive way. You create reality in line with the heart of the creator self. And, therefore, already by default, you are working with active senses. Your senses, whether you want it or not, filter out so much of the surrounding environment to begin with. Therefore, they are already playing an active part in your evolution, in your manifestation of reality.

Now, working with those senses is what, ultimately, Eja’i Chi Pah is all about. When you come to the realization that your senses and the active ingredients at the end of the day that there is no difference between these things, and that everything that you are doing, by default is manifesting through these expressions, the observation, the focus of the self, can shift and is allowed to shift into the perspective of white space.

Now, through the practice of Eja’i Chi Pah, when the practice classes on this level start, there are, of course, a numerous amount of practices that can be presented and will be presented to you, but do not forget that before this can take place, you must again come to the realization that this is not going to be a manifestation, hono’lyn’vah, that is going to occur because of or through anyone else. Certainly not me, let alone Da Pah Kwan Yin San. This is happening because of you.

This space already permeates your entire reality. All that is required is a shift in focus, a decision to reach a level – as I said earlier – of obsession, in a way that does not forgo wellbeing, in a way that you see not only reflected in nature, as I said earlier, but also in human nature. You see it reflected in the masters of the great arts: the painters, the musicians, but sometimes, in some cases, in many cases even, in the smaller, every-day moments of creation in manifestations that do not survive hundreds of years;  dishes and such. You see this constant presence of what I am talking about.

Refocus your Experience

If you can manage for yourself to refocus your experience and, therefore, beginning with your expression on creating that sort of a reality around you and within you, then you will feel that this door, this portal of the Akene becomes more present. And, therefore, that the presence of white space and all of these other things are a mere given.

So, to conclude this part of my talk here, in other words, as you will see initially, this is not so much about you learning techniques, as it is about unlearning techniques and returning to your true self. That journey can be done in an instant, but it requires courage because with that transformation, not only your inner world will transform; your outer world will transform as well. And are you ready? That is the great question that humanity is in the process, right now, of answering, and in many cases, you could say, has answered.

Are you ready to take that level of responsibility for the world, for reality, for reality creation? Are you ready to experience a reality field, a playing field, in which the king, the president, the minister is in service to the whole? And if the answer to that is ‘yes’, humanity, then step in service to the whole. Express that service in any way you can, and your reality will respond.

Now, having said all of this, I wanted to get these things out of the way, beloveds, before stepping into the more practical nature of these classes next time. I want you to consider these things and I thank you for doing so. As you transform your thoughts and yourself, you transform this world. You offer the opportunity for the heart of all beloveds that surround you to blossom in the same fashion than you find within yourself. And that is what is beautiful.

So, with that being said, we will now go into a brief period of about ten minutes where there will be a break. After that, Da Pah Kwan Yin San will return, and we will go into the discussion for this evening.

I will see you next time, together with many, many others that are waiting in the wings to embrace you and connect with you once again. For most, like myself, it has been quite a while. But above all, I want you to prepare and focus on the fact that not only will we be doing this in these ways, these digital ways, but that we will be creating community, physical connection all over the world and that a new way of human being can begin.

Until then, eja’i imzaia’e. I belove in you.

And so it is.


Mentorship Class 4 – A New Way of Human Being Can Begin

Part 1 of 2 – Lecture – click for part 2

(White Space Training, Class 2)


Da Pah Ekara San


February 15, 2022

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