Class 3 - Part 1
Opening the Eyes of the Heart

by Da Pah Kwan Yin San

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT – The following is a speech-to-text, unedited record of the video session on this page. It has been created by the akeyasan student body, at the request of ascended life, and has been adapted only slightly for grammar purposes where needed.

San’a’ke o Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San o Da Pahdasan Kalynda San o Da Akeyan’shi, honoleia i imzaia’e.

Beloved, beloved ones, look at everyone! It is so, so wonderful to be together for this next moment. In fact, we are going to get going right away. I just want everyone to know that for this first 45 minutes to an hour or so, I will have you all muted because we are going to go on this White Space Training journey together.

Also in the room but currently in white space… no, currently outside of the video range, is Da Pahdasan’ka, who just gave us the wonderful gift of that little bit of music, and he will be joining us for the second part of today’s broadcast after the break that we will take in about 45 minutes to an hour or so. At that point, we will all be unmuted together, rise up, and we will be having a chat about the experience that we will have then had. And at that point also, there will then be a chance for everyone to ask questions if there are any. Also, of course, we received a couple of questions from the last class that we did a few days ago. So, I am also going to be answering those.

Alright. But having said all of that, I once again welcome you all to this moment, one that we have prepared for, and waited for, for quite some time – not just some of you, but all of you here, no matter at which point you physically connected to this material, to this study let’s say. All of you here have been preparing for this, and I honor you for that greatly. My gratitude to all of you is beyond the physical, vibrational possibility of words. So, I guess when we all do end up in white space together, I will express it in a much more comprehensive way, let’s say.

A Realm of Focus

And before we truly get going, I want all of you to know that it is important, I believe, to let go of any expectations. This is not about one particular moment in time that you would reach this white space field. This is not about getting there quickly or slowly. It is simply about understanding that this is a field of focus, a realm of focus that is already present within you, around you, much like the current reality that you are translating into vibrational effect, let’s say, is currently around you and within you.

So, from that perspective, it is not about achieving anything. It is not about expecting anything. It is about knowing. Knowing without content, without grammar; knowing without structure who you are, who you are beyond all of this, and what you are as a sovereign individual expression of consciousness and as a sovereign collective expression of consciousness.

I know for a fact, as I look at all of you and also at the ones that will be joining us at a later time, of course, I know for a fact that you do understand what I am talking about; that you do understand this formless, timeless, spaceless principle, this signature of you. So, that is exactly what this is all going to be about, to reestablishing the fullness to all of that.

Now, for those who are just joining us today, let’s say, you all, of course, received the newsletter that I sent out yesterday, in which I already touched upon White Space Training. In order to show you a few concepts that I am going to be talking about as we start this journey in a little bit, I am quickly going to switch the visual for you all to my whiteboard – and there it is:

Class Whiteboard Notes

White Space Training Notes

The KiRi Technique

Opening the Eyes of the Heart (KaRa) = KiRi (one possible dahlyn expression for pineal gland)

In sahvok: eyes of the head

In hono’lyn’vah (white space): eyes of the heart

O A E I spiral / focus of resonance

Hono’lyn’vah = home / realm of the One Approach

Next class:

The lemniscarian technique

Opening the eyes of the Akene


You should all be able to see that now. It is a couple of training notes here that we are going to be coming back to on a regular basis.

As you can see in these notes, the dahlyn expression that we are currently going to be using to address white space and White Space Training, is hono’lyn’vah – hono referring to home, referring to base; lyn, an expression of one, oneness, unity; and vah, of course, being the one approach to the Pah domain, the Pah space. What we used to translate as a ‘vector’, but which lately we have been translating as ‘approach’ because that actually is a closer translation into English, let’s say, given that vah, while using the active ingredients of San – love, joy, freedom, etc., da, ba, va etc. – while using those ingredients, vah manifests Pah temporarily within the Ekaraia space that you are experiencing this reality in, that you are, in fact, creating this reality in.

So, from that perspective, hono’lyn’vah represents the one approach to home, if you will, to the metaphysical domain then.

I’m going to switch back here for a little second, but before I do, you will see that the technique to enter hono’lyn’vah that we are going to be discussing today – and there will be multiple techniques discussed along the way, as we go on in the next few classes as well – is the KiRi technique. Now, I will come back to that in a little bit.

So, yes, as I said, we will be discussing multiple techniques to enter white space or to focus, to refocus upon white space, I should say. Mainly the one that we will be discussing today, KiRi, is a very, very simple one, as you will see. It is also the earliest one, I would say that is taught to students as they prepare, as you have prepared, to enter into this Ekaraia from the metaphysical domain. So, it will also be the earliest one that we teach you in reverse, as you will see, as you prepare to enter white space or refocus on white space.

And the reason it is the first one is not only because it is a very simple and elegant one, but it also takes the most time for the student to accomplish. This is the adaptation technique, which probably a little while down the road – whenever that is for you personally – you are not going to be using as much, as you will be practicing it now because while this technique is effective and 100% guaranteed, it also is, as I said, the slowest. And with practice, it is possible to not only switch your perspective from this particular Ekaraia vibrational space to the hono’lyn’vah white space but, in fact, it is also possible to have both points of focus, a multi-focal point of reality perspective going on, where you can overlay white space, hono’lyn’vah, upon this reality and vice versa.

So, anyway, all of that to say that hono’lyn’vah is the first step that a student, an Akeyasan, or higher, obviously, takes when entering Ekaraia realities, when entering vibrational realities, such as this one. The hono’lyn’vah or the white space is the space or the realm that is nearest to the metaphysical domain, but that is entirely beyond vibrational reality. Now, that means that it is impossible for a student within white space to manifest vibrational reality.

You Manifest by Observing

And what I am going to show you here, as we just go back to this whiteboard again. You can see that within the realm of vibrational space, you manifest sahvok; you manifest what you call ‘the mind’.

Now, very simply put, you manifest this reality by observing it first of all. So, you observe then, by default, this reality, this vibrational reality through the eyes of the physical head. And that also means that, technically, you are doing it through the Akonai’da or the head kakra. The entire manifestation, therefore, of the Ekaraia vibrational reality is taking place through the Akonai’da or the head kakra.

Now, we are going to be talking a lot today about the kakra system and some of the important facets of that kakra system. So, before I go on, to quickly reiterate: obviously, if you have any familiarity with the Imzaia Work, then you will know about the Akene in the heart space. This is, technically, the second kakra. You have the Akonai’da, the head kakra, and the third kakra being the belly kakra, the Adonai’ka.

Now, these three kakra systems, when operating together, ultimately, rise up from the one Akene, which is the heart kakra. And as they split into a triality field, which when observed through the head kakra becomes a duality field, of course – which is one of the biggest illusions already about this vibrational reality that it is a duality based system, while, as I have taught you already in the previous class, between service to self, service to others, and service to whole, you are technically dealing with a triality based system.

So, as the student manifests this reality, the one Akene splits apart into that which begins to approach illusion, which ultimately, is the Akonai’da, the head kakra, and the Adonai’ka, the belly kakra because these are expression and experience devices, expression and experience kakra systems that, ultimately, are expressing the heart kakra.

Now, this, of course, is the mistake that a personality/ego/mind based construct makes when within vibrational reality. Namely – and I am going to switch back here to myself for a second; there we go – this is the mistake that most vibrational based mind/ego/personality based systems focus on, namely that reality is expressing through the head kakra, and, therefore, the birth of sahvok, the birth of vibrational reality, the birth of all of the grand illusions. We don’t have to go into those details.

Leaving the Perspective of Sahvok

But what is important to understand for today, is that the biggest shift in focus that you are going to make, is that you are going to leave the perspective of sahvok, which is the mind, which is the vibrational system, which is the eyes of the head, if I may say so. And in applying the KiRi technique, we are going to be opening the eyes of the heart. So, we are going to refocus from the eyes of the head to the eyes of the heart.

Now, I am sure that most people did not understand before this moment that you actually have eyes in your heart. Most people just say that they have eyes in the back of their head, but you also have eyes in the heart space. You also have eyes in the belly space. But these are, of course, metaphors, in a way, for us to say, refocusing from the head kakra and the perspective on reality that way to the heart kakra and opening its eyes.

Now, when I say this – I am going to go back here to the whiteboard one more time – now, when I say this, I reference the KiRi technique here on the whiteboard. As I said, the technique involves the opening of the eyes of the heart.

Now, you know in dahlyn or in metaphysical expression or in Lemurian, the heart is referenced as KaRa. Hence the teacher name Ekara, the expression of the heart through the head, which is exactly why Ekara, Da Pah Ekara San, is so strongly focused on working with students in this reality, even though you may not always notice this so much. This doesn’t always happen in the physical reality.

So, as we open the eyes of the heart, the eyes of KaRa… And just to say, ka and ra are two active ingredients of reality creation, of San-based reality creation, ka being life force, ra being truth force, life and truth. That is the flow that moves through the heart kakra after all.

So, as the eyes of the heart are opened, what are we actually opening? And that is what we are going to be talking about here. And this is where it truly begins to get much, much simpler for all of you to understand what this is about.

Ki'Ri - The Pineal Gland

Opening the eyes of the heart, at the end of the day, is truly nothing different than opening what you have always labeled ‘the pineal gland’. Alright? Now, the pineal gland, in one expression of dahlyn ‘KiRi’, is labeled as KiRi because of how the life force flow moves through the heart kakra, into the pineal gland, and I am going to explain this.

Earlier, I spoke of the kakra system. Now, the kakra system – to make it easy: head, heart, and belly, for a second – has multiple flows of vah life force energy that moves through it. I remember speaking about some of these in ‘The Rivers of San’ video and ‘Remembering Metaphysical Expression’. In those videos I spoke about some of the ways in which vah flows through the kakra system. Today, we are going to talk about the most basic thereof. And on my notes earlier, which I will pull up again later, you already saw the o a e i spiral – the oh ah ay ee spiral for those that don’t like to pronounce their vowels in dahlyn, but I like to say, o a e i.

Now, what is this o a e i? You see this a lot in dahlyn. You see it even when we communicate. We would say, “San’a’ke o Da Pahdasan’ka,” for instance. That is the o I am referring to in that instance.

These four expressions, o a e i, are nothing else but the literal building blocks, the elemental building blocks of vibrational reality. In other words, these expressions spin vibrational reality into being through you, through the effort that you take as a student entering the Ekaraia space. It is an ongoing process that you, as the Creator Self within the metaphysical domain, underlying many other exercises that you are constantly doing to keep this Ekaraia going for yourself and to keep this avatar – if I may say that word for a second, that modern word for a second – going for yourself. One of these exercises, the most fundamental one that you constantly keep going is, ultimately, the o a e i  spiral.

Now, what are they? As I said, they are the elemental building blocks of vibrational creation. The o, the oh, stands for the grounding principle and the gravitational principle and, ultimately, manifests in physical, vibrational reality as what you would call ‘earth’. Therefore, because of that, it is also directly connected to the base kakra or the belly kakra. That is the home expression, if you will, of the o element; grounding.

This is also why, incidentally, the belly kakra is the expressive kakra. It is ultimately the kakra, through which the heart kakra focuses the manifestation of the Merkabah field and the external reality, therefore.

Now, moving on to ah or a, the letter A let’s say. This one is a representation of the water element, flow. In many times that you hear dahlyn, you will see a’ya, aya, used, and this is always representing flow. Every time within dahlyn you add the a element to anything – whether it is da even, da – simply is the flow that, therefore, gets created. Therefore, also, in physical reality it will eventually manifest as water, to make it simple.

Now, this is not for today, but all of these beings I am now discussing – O, A, E, I – are also actual beings, actual points of consciousness. A for instance, manifests through Gaia as Kaya’ka, which is the consciousness of water. I remember speaking about this years ago, which we will again in much greater detail.

Elemental building blocks of Vibrational Reality

So, we have o, the grounding principle, therefore, when you say, “San’a’ke o Da Pahdasan’ka o Da Pahdasan,” you connect these things together, you see? When you would say, “San’a’ke a Da Pahdasan’ka,” then you are flowing the energy of that San’a’ke towards that Pahdasan’ka, you see?

Now, moving onto the next one. When you move on from the a element to the e element – the o being in the belly kakra, the a, the water element being in the heart kakra – you move to the head kakra where we find the e element. Now, the e element is what you vibrationally eventually will translate as ‘air’. Therefore, it is also in the head, in the more abstract, finer realms. Therefore, it translates as thoughts. All part of the e energy.

And this is – when I now move from the e to the i point, the final point in this spiral – this is why we call it a spiral, you see? Because if this would be… I am going to simply stand up here for a second, so that you can see me properly, at least to some extent. If I stand in profile here for a second, the o element being here in the belly kakra, then you must imagine that the kakra field, as the vah energy flows through it, moves through the field as a spiral. (This is me again for a second in profile). Here being the o point, in the belly let’s say. Now, the a point is here in the heart. So, the spiral begins to move from o to a. It goes from the front of the belly kakra, through the belly kakra, and via the back enters the heart kakra. There, the a point moves up to the e field, into the head, and eventually the spiral will move down, back into the heart, where the i exists.

I am going to show you this in a better way than I tried earlier because I realized I have a whiteboard. So, if you were to have the person in profile standing here, this being the head, then you would have the spiral going this way, and into infinitum, let’s say.

So, you would have the spiral at the… The o you would have here; the a you would have in this position; the e, obviously, in the head. And eventually, the spiral goes back into the heart kakra where it also manifests i. Now, i is the manifestation in vibrational reality of the element of light, or even more vibrational, the ultimate manifestation of what you know of as ‘fire’.

The Elements Contain One Another

Today, we don’t have to go too deeply into these elementals and their expressions, but what I will say, is that what makes these so interesting, is that in sequence they contain one another. So, the o element, being a very grounding element obviously, only contains itself. The a element, when o transforms into the a space, the a will contain o and itself, o and a. Going onto the e in the head, the head contains o, a, and e. Eventually, i in the heart spiral again, light, contains all of these elements, o, a, e, i.

It is for this very simple reason at the end of the day that a long time ago, within spiritual circles, let’s say, many people began referring to love and light. Love, you could say, being one of the most foundational expressions of San, active ingredients, and light, albeit an illusion at the end of the day, because it is a vibrational expression in this case that I am now discussing here, containing all of the building blocks though of this vibrational reality. O, the ground itself, the a, the water element, the e as the air element, and the i as the light element, containing all of them, which is why through vibrational times using love and light it is, indeed, possible to manifest reality. It is really that simple.

Anyway. I am spending a lot of time on this right now because the o a e i spiral is, indeed, the spiral that one will follow as one enters into resonance – and that is what we will teach you, to resonate, to begin to resonate because that is another way to say, “change your focus,” to resonate with hono’lyn’vah, with white space.

Earlier I said, the heart space translates in dahlyn as KaRa. And I said that this technique is called KiRi. Now, as I have explained a minute ago, these elements (oh, ah, ay, ee – o, a, e, i) manifest as the most foundational building blocks throughout all of dahlyn, all of metaphysical expression. You see it da, in ba, in all of these words. In all of these expressions, all of these elements, you have this very important group of building blocks.

So, as you can see, ka, as an example, life force, which is the basic expression of life force in dahlyn, in metaphysical expression, can also be expressed instead of ka, can be expressed as ki. Ra can be expressed as ri. The expressional change that occurs in order to do so, what you are actually saying when you move ka to ki, what you are actually saying is that the life force that you were expressing towards your participant in the conversation or in the silent reality creation, whatever, that the life force ka that you were expressing through the heart kakra on the level of the water element, the flow, now, is being expressed, using this spiral that I told you about, going up from a to e and back to i, now expressing through the most abstract version of the heart, which is no longer KaRa at that point, but KiRi.

Now, that very technical explanation can, ultimately, be summarized as this: You use, vibrationally speaking, the head kakra to see and manifest this reality using your senses. Vibrationally speaking. That is what you are focusing on here. Therefore, the eyes of the head are open.

Opening the Eyes of the Heart

Now, ironically, where do the eyes of the heart exist within the kakra system? I told you at the beginning of this class, the kakra system, as it manifests this vibrational reality, begins as the one Akene, which then moves into the three various parts of itself, you could say, and, therefore, manifest the triality. It is within, therefore, the head kakra, which is where you will find the pineal gland that you will find the eyes of the heart. It is another one of those vibrational impossibilities that make it confusing to people, that idea of separation between different spaces, between different states.

So, ultimately, the opening of the pineal gland happens through the heart. It happens by – and we will go into practical steps soon – but it happens by focusing on this spiral of resonance. It happens by moving from the belly kakra, o, to the a, the heart, to the e, to the head kakra, where the o and the a energy, when applied in this way, activate the pineal gland. And it is then via the pineal gland that the spiral is completed and moved back into i. And this is when KaRa becomes KiRi, when the eyes of the heart open through the pineal gland.

Now, the spiral of resonance that I just discussed is, ultimately, literally the same, or at least to a large part, the same as what you could refer to as a kundalini awakening, but it goes further because a kundalini awakening is a temporary change of vibrational state, you could say. When this spiral is applied, and continuously applied, by default, therefore, you create a continuous change, a continuous effect, one that is not based on using your own energy – your vibrational, expressive Creator Self energy, not even your Creator Self energy. It is based on using life force itself.

So, the flow from o, to a, to e and back into the heart kakra, to i, is using one of the many vah pathways.

Right. That was a lot of information. As I said, this is a very simple technique. However – you will see it in a minute – but it is also the slowest one. And we are going to now take another 10 to 15 minutes, as we change the energy a little bit, to put the KiRi technique into practice. And in order to do so, I am going to, in a minute, unmute you all because we are going to do this together.

Let Go of Any Expectations

And again, I said at the beginning of the class, do not have any expectations right now; do not have any hopes or disappointments if something does or does not happen right now. I am only taking you through the technique, and we are going to, after today’s class, wait at least three days for the next class, so that all of you can practice this in peace and in quiet because that is what is really important, I think, at the beginning.

But I will show you how simple it is. Before I unmute you all, resonance I said earlier is the same as focus. You can compare the two, reason being that this is a vibrational expression of reality, surrounded by a tonal expression of reality, which does not have the parameters of the twelve vibrational states and their frequencies, surrounded by a tonal reality, as I said, which, in its own right, is surrounded by an akeneic reality. Now, this akeneic reality is where this hono’lyn’vah is edging towards, let’s say.

The switch from the eyes of the head to the eyes of the heart is naught but a journey of focus, simple focus. And to achieve that focus, the early student in the KiRi technique practices the spiral of resonance, the o, a, e, i.

Now, this is a simple meditation technique that you can do while being by yourself. In the next class, in a few days, we are going to be talking about – as we will go back to the whiteboard you will see it – we will be talking about the lemniscarian technique. And I will teach you the actual dahlyn expression for that one at that point. Now, that is not opening the eyes of the heart; that is opening the eyes of the Akene. And in order to do that, you will need to be with two people to practice that, or more people. But this particular class today, you can practice by yourself. KiRi technique.


Resonance, think music, think vibration. Resonance, think that you have two instruments, two guitars, let’s say, standing next to another, and that by playing a specific string or a specific frequency on one guitar, you will automatically trigger the other guitar to also generate that frequency. Anyone that has music studios, such as Da Pahdasan’ka does, will know these things, that that can simply happen. That is also how someone, such as an opera singer, can break a glass, of course, because that is resonance, frequency, simple frequency. And this works the same way.

However, what we are going to do now, is actually express this resonance through our voices, but when you practice the technique by yourself, the idea is that you focus on these elements within. That means that you don’t have to go sit in the park and start resonating vowels and such to everyone. (Especially in these days I think that would be a great thing to do!) But it does mean that you can silently, wordlessly, vibrationlessly in a way do this within. And it is simply happening on a scale.

So, we will do it together in a little bit, but Da Pahdasan’ka and I will maybe do it here quickly for ten seconds or so. The first scale that you run through is simply the lowest expressions, the most deepest expressions of the o, the a, the e, and the i. Therefore, what you will focus on inside is simply [very low] ohhhh. You might have heard that once before or twice.

But what you don’t hear so often, is the next low tonal scale of this spiral of resonance, which will go in the heart kakra, [very low] ahhhh.

Continuing the simple meditation technique, you move to the head kakra with the e, and you go: [very low] ehhhh.

And eventually the spiral returns to the heart kakra again with the i in its lowest expression: ihhhh.

Now, when you do it verbally like that, it is not necessarily the nicest song to win ‘America’s got Talent’ with, but you certainly will win metaphysical space with it.

Now, after that initial sequence is done, you simply take up the next step of that ladder. The lower o goes slightly higher: ohhhh. And you go, ahhhh, ehhhh, ihhhh and higher and higher and higher. The idea is to simply keep that cycle going. That is all you have to do. – And then you can simply forget everything that I said before and just cut this video down to a five-minute YouTube-sharable social media breakthrough viral thing!

But really, it took all of that to give you the theoretical background of this KiRi thing.

The Practice of Ki'Ri

So, what we are going to do now, before we go into our break, we are going to be working with this with all of us together on this for a second. So, I am going to invite all of you to unmute yourselves, so that we can hear your wonderful voices if you want to join at least. – Aren’t you happy you are part of this live? Everyone else gets to do this without anyone seeing them… Cameras are popping off. I don’t know what happens!

Alright. So, as I said, we are all simply going to be moving through the low tone of the o, a, e, i for just a couple of minutes together. So, let’s get going. And, as I said, when you do so, when we focus on the o, no matter what ladder it is in, you begin focusing on the belly kakra. When you focus on the a, the heart kakra; you focus on the e, the head kakra, and you focus on the i once again, the heart kakra. Well, let’s go.

Ohhhh – ahhhh – ehhhh – ihhhh

Did we break through? No, it is still there.

Before we continue just to point out, of course, when you will practice this by yourself and within, the fortunate thing is that you don’t run out of breath. So, when you go into o, this could be something that you do for 15, 20, 30 minutes, longer. There is no time indication, but it certainly is not about just going through the sequence quickly and trying to resonate yourself out of the experience. That is not what it is about.

Yesterday, before I prepared for this class or when I was out of body, let’s say, preparing for this class, I had a dream – and this is not going to be a Martin Luther King speech; that is for next week – but I had a very simple visualization that I wanted to share with you all in that dream.

In the dream, the body was not limited with the expression of breath and the duration of breath. So, the o kept going during the outer breath, but also the outer breath kept going, which is, of course, a very strange idea for you to have because you breathe in an amount of air and then you breathe out an amount of air, and that is about it. Then you have to do it again in many cases to prolong your stay here.

But in this particular expression, which is how I want you to visualize it in a way when you are doing it within, the in-breath started very quickly and was brief, powerful, heart-based, but then the out-breath began, and as the out-breath came, it just kept going, and with it the sound, kept going and going for minutes, minutes, minutes – until in the dream or the visualization, more than air came out of the mouth. What came out of the mouth was a sort of… You could not call it light. You could not call it energy, but it was a – I would say – a dream based manifestation of the vibrational focus. So, the expression of o, using breath – the inner breath, not the physical breath, but the inner breath – kept going, until this focus of the vibrational came out of the self; and released itself from the self.

Now, that is the state, that is the point that you must feel to reach. And when you do feel that you reached that point, then I would say are you finished focusing on the o. Now, that can be – I am sitting here saying that this needs to take a long time. Some of you might right five minutes after the class knock on the white space door and say, “Hey, Da Pah Kwan Yin San. Why did you say that? Because you know I am right there!” It could be very simple. Some of you might feel a very big ease with releasing vibrational space – or at least, releasing, releasing the focus on vibrational space temporarily. Others might feel that there is a lot of resistance in doing so, and that is why this spiral of resonance, as we continue with it in a minute, is so beautiful because it will immediately confront you with all of the vibrational illusions and all of the vibrational parts of the self, including the thoughts, including the mental sahvok based states that you have resistance in relinquishing. Once you relinquish it, is when you will feel that the inner breath is done, and that the vibrational fog, smoke will clear each time.

And that is when you move onto the lower state of a. Ahhhh, which again in itself could take you 15 years, 15 minutes, or 15 seconds to complete. And again, when you feel that same release is when you go to the e, and  you go to the i.

I would argue that, when I had this experience myself the first time, leaving one of these Ekaraias for White Space Training, that each time you reach a higher state of this release, of this refocusing of resonance from o to a, it will feel more impactful. From the a to e, it will feel more impactful.

Once you have completed that entire first cycle, which is a low field cycle because it is the lower o, the lower a, the lower e, and the lower i, you will feel that you have reached a permanent place of release. So, at that point, you will not need to start again each time with the lower o. You will immediately be able to pop to the higher o and move through.

Now, most people use nothing more but three tones on that scale. Most students do that. That is what students do when they form the opposite spiral, in order to begin manifesting the very space that we are talking about, the hono’lyn’vah.

The Spiral in Reverse

So, as I said at the beginning of the class, when you do this in the metaphysical domain to begin generating an Ekaraia, you begin with the i energy and you work your way down the spiral. And rather than out-breath experience, it is in-breath experience, and you would continue to focus on the highest i in that case, until such time that you feel you have – in a certain way – ingested, taken in that part of vibrational reality. And then you go lower. In that case to the e, to the a, to the o, and lower and lower and lower, until… We are here! In this Ekaraia state.

Now, for many of you hearing all of this – and you have been listening for an hour already or something – this might come across as a little bit hard to keep your focus on right now, which is, of course, ironic because that is what this is all about. But what is important for you to remember, is that we are doing it from the lower vibrations to the higher vibrations. We are working on moving towards white space. So, the elevator is going up the spiral, not down the spiral, the tonal resonating elevator.

I am going to unmute all of you one more time, and now we are going to go through all three tones for a little bit. So, we will start at the lowest part of the spiral. And then we will do a middle tone, and then we will do a top tone.

I want to add one thing. The tendency or the temptation, I should say, is always going to be, as you go through o, a, e, i, to raise the vibrational states already, simply by the nature of the spiral. Many people begin o-a-e-i [going to a higher frequency each time], but this is not do re mi fa sol. This is an expression of the tonal ladder in the resonance. So, it is important that, once you complete the lowest o for yourself, once you complete that for yourself, that you do not jump without realizing it to the next tone in the a expression. It is important that you stay on that lower spiral.

So, we are going to do this together. This is going to take a few minutes, but I hope it simply prepares you for the inner work that you are going to hopefully be doing after the second part of this class, in a little bit.

So, as you go through it, imagine the inner out-breath happening, and imagine that when you are going to do it, your o is going to be continuous, until such time that you feel like you have released that part of vibrational reality, and refocused on that part of hono’lyn’vah. Let’s go.

Ohhhh – ahhhh – ehhhh – ihhhh

You hear in the resonance wave of the i is that it pulsates more than the others; that that contains the others.

We are going to go higher now: ohhhh – ahhhh – ehhhh – ihhhh.

And now, for the sake of completion we will go into the higher tones: ohhhh – ahhhh – ehhhh – ihhhh.

Thank you for going through that little physical test drive. Of course, you can all feel that already on the physical expression. Now, imagine what will happen if you do the same thing, but without the physical expression and you focus on the inner expression. And you, therefore, exclude the limitations and the imperfections of vibrational reality. Because you can see even when all of us want to form this, these sounds, and even if we were all perfectly trained musicians, let’s say, singers, we would still – even on the most delicate of frequencies – we would still achieve a slight variable all the time, as we move through these states higher and higher. But, of course, without using the physical approach, that falls away. The time of it falls away; the space of it falls away, and immediately the training… by focusing on the various kakra elements, as you go through the spiral, you automatically will begin to achieve that space.

Alright. What we are going to do right now, is we are going to take a short break. In order to already save this part of the recording, I am going to, very temporarily, end this part of the class, and in 5 minutes or so, you will all receive another invitation to activate the second part of today’s class, which we will keep down to another half an hour or 40 minutes tops because I think that all of you will have enough to contemplate once this comes out.

So, thank you for attending this first part. We will be back with you very shortly. Whether you are going to be taking a breath or whether you are going to be practicing, whatever you do in the next few minutes, enjoy yourselves. We will be back soon.



Mentorship Class 3 – Opening the Eyes of the Heart

Part 1 of 2 – Lecture – click for part 2

(White Space Training, Class 1)


Da Pah Kwan Yin San


January 11, 2022

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Da Akeyasan Kim San
1 year ago

San’a’ke o Da Pah Kwan Yin San, o Da Padasan’ka Barak Solarys San, o Da Padasan Kalynda San o Akeyan’shi Honoleia Imzaia’e

Da’ka’ya 🙏🏻 for this Onederful teachin entering White Space…

I want to share my experience here with you.
After hearing the first part I walked with the dogs and tried if I could enter White Space just by intent… And I believe I could. I was fascinated by the idea that White Space could be overlayed onto vibrational reality.

I tried this and had a truly Onederful experience here in nature, as I could ‘see~feel” the essence of all I observed. This felt so wonderFully Beautiful, this felt like something I had been longing for and trying to touch upon for a long time I believe.
Somehow the experience reminded me a bit in a way of moments where I put a copy of one of my Golden coloured (multilayered) Flower of Life heArtworks under something. I once saw a Deva being emerging in a flower that I saw opening from a glass of soda. I estimate she was the one who had created the fruit in the drink. She emerged from the drink and bowed in front of ne with a feeling of ‘Namaste’ ❤️ Well this experience of overlaying vibrational reality with White Space felt like meeting essences of what I peeceived…

Now I just listened to the second part and this is an area I am familiar with as I sing tones quite often.

I sat to internally sing the tones and could indeed quite easily perceive the shift that was mentioned. I saw vibrational expressions I was identified in, and actually had felt bothered in lately. Now I could easily see them and decide to undefine myself out of them. I estimate that the shifts happen in half a minute or so for me and this technique already feels like a very elegant and simple way to ‘clean up’ within.

As so often the teachings you offer show me the next levels I Love to explore so much.

I am very curious to experience being in white space without time passing by… I am ready for experiences in which I can feel I am living myself up to the moment I ascend.

Thank you so much for these classes to All of you ❤️

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