Class 2 - What Reality Are You Focusing On?

by Da Pah Kwan Yin San

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT – The following is a speech-to-text, unedited record of the video session on this page. It has been created by the akeyasan student body, at the request of ascended life, and has been adapted only slightly for grammar purposes where needed.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: San’akeyan’shi imzaia’e. Welcome everyone! So wonderful, wonderful to see you. I am here with Da Pahdasan’ka.

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: San’a’ke o Da Pah Kwan Yin San o Da Akeyan’shi. Nice to be here with everyone. Happy New Year!

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Wow, alright, so this is all new for me as well, so, I am going to have to regularly check all the settings here. I do know that if everyone would check the bottom of their screen, you should see an area there that says ‘reactions’. And when you hover over that and tap that, then you can raise your hand. You can do so in case you have a question. I can then unmute you and we can have a chat, alright?

Great. Let’s have a look here. There still are a bunch of people, of course, that should be arriving at any point. They will then arrive in the waiting room, and I will let them in. But, yes. In the meantime, here we are all together. It’s amazing. It’s amazing.

Introduction White Space Training

I have to say that, of course, I would have preferred that this meeting was not happening virtually like this, but that it was either happening in the same physical space or, even better, in the future in what we call ‘White Space Training’. Just saying that we were already using the term ‘White Space’ before the Matrix movies did so, and before ‘The Good Place’ TV show did so, but the concept pretty much is the same.

The White Space Training has already been presented to students going as far back as 2007. It is something that we are going to be focusing on here in the Mentorship Group Classes as well, with the goal of, ultimately, giving all of you, or awakening within all of you the ability to do this type of Zoom meeting but then akeneically, which, of course, is the space that we truly would like to be. It is very possible using the principles of Vah and the elements of San to easily generate around yourself I should say, or ‘reconfigure’ is a better term, reconfigure the field around yourself, in order to change the perception that you are having here and now. And then the perception that you are having, will change from the physical environment that you are in to the White Space environment that we usually teach students in, which then are not bound by time or by space or location in a way.

Would you like to say anything about that, Pahdasan’ka? In the meantime, I am letting some more people in.

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: Sure! If you think about it, if you are in a vibrational space within this Ekaraia, you have a limited lifespan, and it would be absolutely impossible for you to learn everything that you needed to learn during that span, but if you are able to surpass the illusions of time and space, you will be taught in an area devoid of those things, you could, of course, theoretically train for thousands upon thousands of years and return back to the same moment.

So, this is really a huge goal for all students to achieve, this White Space. Because there are no boundaries there, like there are here.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: And just for those of you that are already aware of the metaphysical concepts of Dahlyn, the White Space literally simply translates into Vahlyn. So, it is in a way Vahlyn training. It is literally moving yourself out of the physical field and into the non-physical or metaphysical field, where there is no time; there is no space, and, indeed, the classes can go on a bit longer than they will here today – with also the interesting perspective, of course, that you are then… or we are freed from having only this body to communicate to you in, so, at that point, all the various teachers – Da Ojadasan’ka, Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San, Da Pah Lao Tze San, Da Pah Ekara San, and others – can be there without what I like to call ‘the revolving door effect’, which is sort of the coming in and out of the body, if you will. Oh, I see more people arriving.

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: So, would this be the concept of the bridge then, are you basically accessing the Domain when you go further into it?

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: White Space, yes. White Space is not exactly the Domain or the metaphysical Domain, as you know it, but it is an in-between area. It is the first area that you invoke when you step into this Ekaraia from the Domain, from the metaphysical space. Once the metaphysical Domain vanishes from your perspective, you are in White Space Training, and from White Space you generate this Ekaraia, or you enter this Ekaraia, using Vah and the elements of San again.

This is going to get very boring because I am going to say, ‘using ‘Vah and the elements of San’ a lot because, ultimately, it really is no more difficult than that. You have all listened for many years to the Study of Vibration, and one of the things that the Study of Vibration is very good at, is presenting very simple information to very complex minds – human minds, 21st century minds, in other words – whereas the Study of the Pah takes all of that and brings it back to the simplicity post the inscension perspective of the student, let’s say.

Focus is Everything

Now, the White Space Training, I bring this up at the beginning of this class today because I think it is very important because everything that we are going to be talking about today, at the end of the day all has to do with focus. Focus is everything. You all know this, but how far can you take this? How far are you willing to take this focus? That is a good question. I am going to let some more people in here in the meantime. Alright.

So, how far are you willing to take this focus? Are you willing to do this 10%? Are you willing to do this 100%? That question will, of course, determine your resulting parameters that you will generate for yourself. There are so many people that, particularly in the Study of Vibration, that are interested in ascension, that are interested in this material, but not quite interested enough, let’s say, to change everything about themselves. And when I say ‘change’, I mean to drop everything about themselves: everything that is physical; everything that is human; everything that is mental; everything that is dualistic.

So, focus is a peculiar thing. You are currently experiencing for the last two years, for instance, a very bizarre reality field, a field that for many of you was already known to you for many years. Maybe for 10 years, 20 years, you already knew about the behind the scenes settings of this world and how all of these things actually played out beyond what most people see on the news, let’s say. You were already aware of this.

So, what you are seeing now, in other words, is nothing more than an increasing of that focus that you have had previously on all of these theories – I won’t say ‘conspiracy theories’ because they aren’t conspiracies. They are actual plans and actual goals that certain beings have on this world and have had for a long time. Now, that focus that you all were aware of for I don’t know how many years, was to most people completely oblivious. Most people were completely oblivious to all of that.

So, that focus, in other words, since 2020, the end of 2019, has been dialed up to more than a 150%, maybe 500%, to the point that the frequency of that dualistic reality that we have all been in, has risen up to such an extent that nobody can deny its existence.

A lot of us here, as we have spoken about this, would say, “But how can these things be happening all of a sudden when we are focused on such different things?” But I then also reminded everyone regularly that these things that are now playing out in your lives directly in the western world for most of you, were playing out already for a lot of people on this planet Earth for a large part of human consciousness, for decades already. Think of China. Think of many other places in the world. That type of life that you are now being introduced to, in other words, was already there. That frequency was already underlying everything. And in order to move through the current reality that has been going on for thousands of years really, the frequency is being upped, to the point that nobody can deny it; to the point that nobody can escape it.

It is Coming to the Surface

You know, there are some darker teachers, if you will, that would say, the only way out is through, and in a dualistic perspective like this one that pretty much sums up what is going on right now. The purging of this world, the removal of all of these frequencies means the rising up, the coming to the surface of all of these things – much like in your physical bodies. If you have something going on, a zit or something like that, then eventually, it has to rise to the surface and rear its ugly head (usually on your own head), and then eventually be pressed out of this reality, and pretty much, that is what is going on.

So, all of that comes back to the concept of focus. And focus, therefore, is not only important with what is going on here in this reality, but it is also important for the student on the path because focus is what you will need in order to achieve this White Space Training that we would like to take these classes in, so that we don’t have to use the Zoom field.

I do believe if I am not mistaken, Pahdasan’ka, that in 2012 we already recorded several teachings on this, and I will make these available on the website very soon. I will work on that this weekend.

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: Yes, preparations for the White Space, that’s right.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Yes, yes. So, as I already said, if anybody has any questions or any remarks to make, of course, at any point, you can just raise your hand and I can unmute you, and then we can talk about this.

I see that Lisa… I am going to invite you here, Lisa. San’a’ke!

Da Akeyasan Lisa Jansen San: Hi there! My question is what you just said. Why is it upped? Is it because of more awareness? Are they fighting for their lives or are they being squeezed out with the light?

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Well, the answer to that is a combination of multiple factors really. The first factor that you would have to talk about then would be the consciousness work obviously that has been happening on the planet for several decades already, with a first culminating, a first zenith moment, that occurred in 2012 that everybody is aware of. For many people… People thought after that point, well, you know, nothing quite happened the way people expected it would, but what did happen is that humans together, millions of humans together, focused on a transformation. And that transformation was put in motion at that time.

In fact, it was even put in motion a little bit earlier. The main impulse of this change began around October of 2011. And a little bit after that, the awakening of what Carl Calleman calls ‘the ninth wave of human consciousness’, which is the culmination of all of the waves that are represented, for instance, in the Mayan Calendar, which is why 2012, albeit a human selected point, is still a very important point in that ladder. So, there is that.

Now, there is also the fact that, of course, everything that is happening around you, everything that you have created around you, is an Ekaraia, is a metaphysical exercise. This entire reality, at the end of the day, is a metaphysical exercise. And the exercise is about sahvok. Sahvok, you could say ‘mind’; you could say ‘duality’, all of these words combine with that concept, let’s say.

Now, within that training field, that duality has played out in cycles. And these cycles, as you know, can then be seen linearly. You can say, to make it easy, are playing out around 25’000 year-long cycles. Which is the cycle not so much for those beings that are focused on service to the whole or on service to others, but for beings – and this is not often understood, I think – but for beings that are focused on service to self. That is what these 25’000 year cycles are all about. That is what, ultimately, the zodiac, the procession of the equinoxes, and all of that stuff is all about. It is more of a time clock, a mechanism, that, indeed, pushes those that are oriented towards the self-serving part of the truth, of the oneness, that pushes those people, those beings, those entities, those thoughts, those paradigms as well, outward, that pushes them forward because the problem with service to self is stagnation. It is a stagnant field, and the field, therefore, pushes itself automatically forward.

Service to Self versus Service to the Whole

Many people don’t quite understand this, even though everyone always says, this is a reality where you can freely choose the service to self side or the service to other side, if you will. What people don’t quite understand is that there is an inclination towards service to others, even when one chooses service to self. Service to self can go very far. Service to self can eventually go beyond the physical body, beyond this dimension, all the way into the 7th dimension, but there, in its evolution, it will always hit a wall. And in hitting that wall, which is where the service to other based student reaches service to whole state awareness, that wall is not existing for the service to other based student but is existent for the service to self based student.

And in that moment, they collapse themselves back into the 1st density, the 1st dimension, the 2nd density, and begin eventually reintegrating themselves into 3rd density. And that whole process then starts over and over and over again, until the being eventually chooses service to others and eventually evolves into the service to the whole.

Now, that 25’000 year cycle is what we are currently at the end of. It is also why I said yesterday, during the Imzaia Watch Party, what is actually playing out around you all does not really involve you that much. It involves those that are service to self training, but not those that are service to others training because it is a lesson that… well, that doesn’t really involve you that you are playing a part in, but more as a service to those that are learning that this is, obviously, not a very intelligent way to evolve a reality.

Da Akeyasan Lisa San: Okay.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Do you understand?

Da Akeyasan Lisa San: Yes. So, what do you think the percentage is of those service to self evolving? Is this something that they have been stagnant for I don’t know how many thousands of years, let’s say? Are they at the tipping point, too? Or are they going to…?

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: The truth is, when you say ‘percentages’, right now, already all the masks are off. There is nobody anymore – until several years ago that was still possible, but by now, there literally is nobody anymore that is able to hide behind a political or mental or even personal lie. In other words, those that you do see currently saying extreme things, whether they are politicians… I mean, think about the politicians in France or in Canada, for instance, or also here, in the Netherlands, they are saying extreme things. I mean, you would never have believed it that such a thing could even be written in reality. If it was a movie, you probably wouldn’t like the script very much.

So, you see that, or then you look at social media or in your direct lives, people have taken very specific points, very specific viewpoints. So, in that, you already see the percentage playing out in your daily life.

You can’t quite say that it is related to those that comply and don’t comply, but it is pretty much within that ballpark, I would say that you see this now play out in an actual, very physical way on this Earth.

Da Akeyasan Lisa San: I heard that eventually we would be able to see their true colors. And that is exactly what you just said. We are seeing their true colors. They can’t even cover up what they pretend. They say it, like, it is coming out.

Offering the Opportunity of Simplicity

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Mhm. And in that, that is where you can then assist. That is where you can then assist. Because, as I said, this is the end of a very important cycle for beings that are going through that transformation, and you are in their lives, whether it is as a subject to a large politician, or whether it is in a personal one-to-one environment, you are in their lives to present the simplicity of… to offer an opportunity of simplicity. And that simplicity, ultimately, is love, no matter what. Just like Solarys said so many years ago in one of her first classes: Love has nothing that comes before it; nothing that comes after it. It has no beginning and no end. It is not locked into a paradigm, into parameters. It does not judge. It is awareness, yes. It discerns, but there is no judgment in that discernment. And, therefore, there can be transformation. That is when Da can transform into imzaia. That is when expression can become experience.

And so, simply by the presence of you in an environment like that… It is not that you have to begin to preach or begin to teach or anything. It is simply the presence, the presence of Da in that environment that is expressive, that gives the opportunity. It is not a race; it is not an attempt to convince anyone. Because these cycles, these 25’000 year cycles for those that choose the service to other path will continue to present themselves, and you, in one way or another, during the next phase, let’s say, if you would still be in this Ekaraia or you would choose to visit regularly this Ekaraia in order to support, then, of course, then there is another opportunity. The opportunity is for the other being that you are offering it to, to take, not for you to push onto anyone, ultimately.

But using Da and using all of these concepts that we regularly talk about, of course, you can then be in that environment, like you are now in the environment of the world without being affected by it, and, therefore, being able to offer that support. And that is when you have the opportunity, you see, to transform service to others into service to the whole.

The way I always describe this is that service to others and service to self are at the bottom of a dualistic pyramid, locked in duality. And both, ultimately, come together in the top of that in service to the whole.

Now, the difference in service to self and service to other in the way they relate to service to the whole, is that the service to other based being understands that it is, in fact, an avatar of the consciousness of itself that is the service to the whole at the top of that pyramid. And, therefore, it understands that there is no difference, that it transmits energy to the being that is the service to the whole, whereas the service to self based being makes the mistake of believing that it must become the creator of all things and isn’t already the creator of all things. So, it thinks… The service to self based being is very simple. It thinks, “There is no creator, and I must become the creator and I must put all of the beings around me in enslavement, or not in enslavement, but in relationship to myself as the creator.” That is what such a being thinks.

So, therefore, it believes that energy must come from the top of that pyramid towards itself. It is always attracting. It is contracting and attracting, whereas the service to other based being is radiation based, is radiating.

Da Akeyasan Lisa San: Okay.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: And, therefore, that is the unbalance of duality that exists between that triangle of service to the whole, service to self, and service to other. And, ultimately, when a service to other based being understands this is when the duality lifts.

And this is what we want to achieve here. We are not talking about removing ourselves in any way from this reality, but I do want to give you the ability to increase the focus that you have right now that is by default locking you into the experience that you are having, and it is not necessary. This whole experience can be one of many channels, if you will, on your TV screen, of which another one would be White Space Training, of which another one would be awareness of beyond this Ekaraia, of the Domain, what we like to call ‘Honomeia’.

Focus on the Ingredients of San

So, focus, ultimately, is what it all comes down to and that focus is really to be had on very simple things. It is to be had on Love, on Joy, on Freedom, and on all these other ingredients. It is the simplicity of that, of focusing on Love, on Joy, on Freedom, on Truth, on Life, on Gratitude, on Grace, and on Wellbeing. These are very specific concepts, but by forcing yourself, demanding of yourself to focus on only those things, you are going to give yourself access to the universal remote, if you will, so that you can switch the channel.

Do you have other questions, Lisa?

Da Akeyasan Lisa San: No, it’s just that while you were speaking, I got really emotional, like teary-eyed. There is just this feeling of the power of love, to transform those that have been so stuck. Like that. It is that. It is that power. I just felt this power that, wow, we are actually doing this! I mean, it is just all of us.

The Merkavah

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Yes, exactly, and yesterday, I touched upon this, too. I touched upon the Merkavah training, the Merkavah concept. The Merkavah is, you could say, the geometrical ship of thought I sometimes like to call it, or some people like to say, ship of love, ship of light. I don’t care. It is a geometrical construction that takes each individual Merkabah here that chooses to be part of this and that combines the individual power of those Merkabahs and unifies it into one Merkavah.

Now, when doing so, this happens within sovereignty, of course. This is another very big, big difference between service to self based tuition and service to other based tuition that when you teach or learn – that doesn’t really matter – when you interact with a service to self based teacher or whether that is a service to self based entity in general, then what constantly will appear to happen is the generation of an orbit around that being.

So, you would have a circle that gets created, and everyone individually – whether they be students or friends or whatever – would be moons, satellites around that entity, whereas from a service to others based perspective, there is a circle that you are; there is a circle that is you; there is a circle that is me; there is a circle that is everyone here, if you will, if I may say it like that, and together it creates the Flower of Life grid. It creates infinity movements between the circles where things can be passed on, exchanged, but not within an illusory perspective. So, there is no giving and there is no taking, but there is sharing. There is a difference between exchange and sharing.

So, from that perspective I would say that if you place yourself in these environments, you come at it from the perspective of that type of sharing and, ultimately, possibilities open up, opportunities open up, and I think that that is what I want to talk about here when I speak about focus and the Merkavah.

So, as all of these individual Merkabahs are formed within one Merkavah body, then that Merkavah body has a geometrical opportunity, it becomes aware of 5th dimensional, 6th dimensional, 7th dimensional, 8th dimensional and onward of the self, and can have an impact on this reality.

And this is another thing that we can do together. I have been working for the last few weeks, together with Da Merkavah San – who also identifies as an individual being; she can come here and speak to you at some point – and I have been working together with Da Pahdasan’ka in order to geometrically align our shared Merkavah and individual Merkabah bodies in a geometrical configuration (which I will ask at some point Da Ekaraia Gaia San to visualize for all of you) that, you could argue, has the ability to shift this focus that I keep talking about, not only for ourselves here, but for the collective.

And we can unfortunately not take that much further than offering the opportunity. When I say, ‘shift the focus for the collective’, this cannot be a forced thing. As I already explained earlier, once every 25’000 linear years, there is a little bit of a window that opens, but it is up to those beings themselves that now show their faces so clearly, to take the following mask off. Now that their mask of kindness and their mask of illusory social connection has fallen away, now it is time for these beings to realize they are wearing another one yet. There is yet another one to take off, and underneath that one, is all of us, is all of you. Underneath that one, we are all one, you know.

So, of course, going forward in the next few classes and such, I don’t want to put too much focus on the external reality as it is happening today, but it is good, I think, to be aware of the fact that it really, ultimately, doesn’t matter at all. And it will happen again, too. This will come to an end, and this will happen again. This is an Ekaraia that is on rinse and repeat.

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: That is the thing. It is a learning ground. It is not really for saving. You could argue that these things, which are perceived as negative, that is just one side of the bottom of the triangle, are teaching everybody the same thing. And it is never really been easier to choose against that, now that is all out in the open. It was very hidden for a long time.

Jeshua always used to say, people won’t ever make the choice while there is comfort. They need something to twist it a little bit, so they actually get to the point of making a real choice.

Comfort and Suffering

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Yes. Actually… It was in Milwaukee in 2008; it was almost summer or something, and Da Jeshua San, in this body, was traveling, presenting seminars at the time in Milwaukee in the States. He was staying at a wonderful being’s house, Lida Wheeler, who was hosting the event at the time. She was a wonderful being. And he was standing in her kitchen, looking out, and he said – he looked at all these houses in what was quite a suburban environment – and he said, “This is all too comfortable. This is all too comfortable. Nobody that has this big a fridge, that has this comfortable a lifestyle, not many people are going to want to wake up out of that.” It is like Da Pahdasan’ka said, there is this bizarre balance between comfort and at the other hand suffering, and people want both. But only by removing the belief in both states, can you understand that none of this is actually even happening.

And that is, ultimately, the understanding that everybody has to come to, that this is not actually happening. We are exchanging energy right now, yes. We are communicating, but not in the world that you think we are in, not in this perceived dimension. And that is where we will go into White Space Training and meet each other as we truly are.

Da Akeyasan Lisa San: Thank you.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: It is going to be quite amazing, believe me, when that happens. I would say, I could ask some people that have already experienced it, but they usually don’t like to come back. No, I’m kidding! I’m kidding.

Is there anybody else who would like to ask a question at this time? Or share anything?

Alright. Then I think we are going to take a short break, which means I am going to mute myself and turn off our video, and I am going to unmute all of you, so that you can connect with each other for ten minutes or so, and then I will be back. San’a’ke.

Chat During Break

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San: Hey! That was great to hear, wasn’t it?

Da Hana Akeyasan Grace Gayasha San: Good question, Lisa.

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San: Yeah, thank you.

Da Akeyasan Lisa San: It was a great answer.

Da Hana Akeyasan Grace San: There was also a tear, so…

Da Akeyasan Lisa San: I understand the comfort part now. I see a lot of people just… That is the resistance. It is the comfort. So, it is just kind of getting people to kind of walk to the edge.

Da Akeyasan Kaia Blossom San: Or the suffering, like people being so consumed with their suffering. Because she said, comfort versus suffering. Yes, people being obsessed with, I guess, with their problems.

Da Akeyasan Lisa San: Yes, that is true, too. They are kind of like addicted to it. There is just something about it that they get from it; they benefit from it. So, yes. I know we are seeing that a lot, and I am also noticing like a slow death of that identity of people who are with their suffering. There is a lot of people losing themselves. Even the split that we are seeing is a reflection of the split that is happening within. Like this, you know, the identity or the personality as to… They don’t know what that is, so, they are kind of stuck or afraid and they stay in the identity.

Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San: Yes, it really feels like our innermost darkest sides are showing their ugly faces basically, and for us to see them, and, therefore, being able to transform them. I mean, there is so much, I think, that we have all hidden from ourselves, or we didn’t even know about those many, very, very dark sides, but this is a duality thing. So, of course, there has to be that part in there as well. So, it is now becoming black and white, basically, so black and white that you can’t deny it anymore. And that is really, really great… I think.

Da Pahdasan Kalynda San: I am just definitely looking forward to being taught more about how to really step into the White Space Training, we should no longer even have our focus on all of these things, and that we just can continue with what is our passion and interests and we can make a real difference. For my feeling then these things will also change quicker because every time that this uprise is made that is beneficial for the whole, so I think we can actually play a big part in what is going to come next and also just the way that we are perceiving everything, to overcome that, basically, to just see it for what it is and to really live what is real, instead of being pulled into these realities that are … we just created an illusion.

Da Akeyasan Lisa San: Well, it is like Kwan Yin said, we are not living in it.

Da Pahdasan Kalynda San: yeah, but to actually fully be aware of that and to no longer have any kind of focus into any of these fields anymore, that we can just clearly make a choice every time, like where do we want to exist? What do we want to experience?

Da Akeyasan Lisa San: I think that is living in the now. Like, you know, I try to live my life in the now, like every moment, but just kind of… We get pulled out.

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San: But then we have this training, and, you know, I’ve been around for a number of years, and I am still gob smacked by how incredibly experiential it is. And the more that we step into it, I can feel the potential of all of it, and we have known this for years because it has been talked about in Hana San Ka, but we haven’t experienced it totally in quite the same way. We are just at the beginning.

So, for me it is imagining. I am so grateful to see everybody here, and I feel the level of commitment in every single heart and the wholeness of that heart here. What we do, affects the whole. It cannot not do that. And that is our service, so if we, not selfishly but in service to others and service to the whole, focus on our expansion then we cannot help but express that. And as we express that in the field around us, so to speak, people will feel that. And that is where you really… You know, we could talk on a podium till we are blue in the face. It really is about love. That is the simplicity of it.

I just wanted to say that because it never ceases to blow me away and I am so grateful to be here, and thank you for being here. And we will be growing, and we will be continuing to expand and just doin our magic. I love that part of it. Of course, I want to ascend, and I want to experience all of that. I know there is quite a journey ahead. So, I don’t focus so much on that as much because I know it is there, and we have the greatest teachers ever and the greatest fellow students ever, and we are going to do this thing without a doubt. But what we can do in service to others is just absolutely phenomenal.

So, little speech, thank you very much. I just wanted to say that, you know, because then it becomes more experiential, just because of the expression of that. So, thanks.

Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San: Thank you.

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San: Da Grace San! It is so good to see everybody. I can’t tell you.

Da Hana Akeyasan Grace San: We are all a little bit shy, I think.

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San: Da Amy San is really quiet. What happened to you?

Da Hana Akeyasan Amy San: Nothing, I am also just very much enjoying that this is happening, that we’re together and that we are hearing this information.

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San: Yes, and it is recorded, so we get to listen again, to remember what we forgot. What a gift, my goodness.

Da Hana Akeyasan Grace San: So, Stephen San, san’a’ke!

Da Akeyasan Stephen Dietrich San: San’a’ke! How are you? How is everyone?

Da Hana Akeyasan Grace San: Very good!

Da Akeyasan Stephen San: Good to see you!

Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San: Same here, really!

Da Hana Akeyasan Grace San: This is really a moment we all were looking forward to.

Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San: Yes, absolutely. The more, the merrier.

Frequency at Boiling Point

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Alright, we are going to continue now. So, I am going to start out with muting everyone again. – Technology! A pain in the Akene, as they say.

Anyway, just to reiterate here as we get going again, I know it has been a very strange two years for most people, but, ultimately, what we are seeing happening here is the increasing of a frequency that all of you have been aware of, a dualistic frequency, a service to self based frequency, that you have all been aware of forever, and that many have taught about, such as David Icke and others have exposed all of that to a great detail, to painstakingly great detail even – if you read all of his books – but I do want to point out that we are reaching the zenith of this. This frequency is at its boiling point.

That is the good news. We are going to see, from the Merkavah perspective I would say, in literally the next several weeks to by March at the latest of this year, that high point is going to begin to subside again, and that is when the real work truly is going to start from a service to others or service to the whole based perspective. Because, as I said earlier in the broadcast, there are all of these masks that have fallen, masks of beings that were hiding sometimes as well behind service to self based masks are now showing themselves as very different beings, but also the other way around.

These masks, however, and these cycles that I was speaking of earlier, these 25’000 year cycles, as this is now occurring, you have to understand that within that very narrow frequency, that high-pitched frequency even, there is a tip point. And that point is usually inhabited by those beings that you would say are politicians or highly placed officials – could also be in the media; could also be in all sorts of fields, even influencers and that sort of thing. These are usually beings that have already gone through these cycles before and are now collecting power.

This power they have been collecting from most of the people out there, the general population let’s say that were unaware of being on a path of service to self, but were on that path, simply because this is the way society taught them, what they taught in school. Many people are believing themselves to be on wonderful rescue missions towards climate and towards all sorts of things, but don’t actually realize that they are manipulated.

If you’ve ever watched the Netflix sit-com ‘The Good Place’, then you would actually see that play out in a very comedy based way, where at some point there is a scene in that series where people discover that the entire system in that version of ascension, let’s say, that the entire system of ascension was impossible to break through because everything was set up to make you fail.

And so, a lot of people are on this service to self based trajectory and don’t know it and are now coming to a very big point in their lives, I would say, where they are about to meet themselves in an extreme way. There is a lot of people right now saying horrible things to a lot of other people and denying them things, not letting them into restaurants and not letting people practice yoga classes, for instance in Lisa’s case, and I know this from other people, too. Here in the Netherlands, there are swimming pools that force children, 5-year-old children, to dry off outside, in winter, because they are not vaccinated, for instance. That sort of thing.

Now, these people that have made these choices, they are going to be running into their self-generated wall very soon from now. And that is when the real work starts because these people are going to be the actual victims, if you will, of this war, realizing that they have been manipulated and that everything around them has been a lie: the media, the politicians, the social context in which they have lived, the monetary system, the family-based system in which they have lived, which has been so narrow and based on bloodlines only, for instance, not on the collective human oneness, the human family that we obviously all are.

So, it is in that moment that there is going to be great opportunity for service, and a lot of people are going to need it. You can probably already tell in your own worlds that those that are the biggest drivers and sometimes come across the most narrow-minded and sometimes also very heartless because of that, those are going to be the ones that are going to be in a lot of pain. They are already in a lot of pain; they just don’t know it yet. Many of you have already processed all of that pain a long time ago. I mean, I think even in the early Study of Vibration work all of that gets pretty well laid out, all of those facts. So…

I think this is an amazing time, you know! I think this is a time of great opportunity; a time that is not stagnant, and, as we go on, of course, I want to talk much more about all of this because another thing that I don’t want to go into great detail right now but that I could already share a little bit about, is that the entire timeline of this Ekaraia is not as long as most people believe it to be. I explained this once to everyone here in Hana San Ka. I said, if you actually think about it for a second, don’t you find it rather amazing, the coincidence that you happen to have been born in this particular time, this particular world? A world where the internet is around and all of these connections are around, all of these devices are around? You didn’t arrive in the 16th century or in the 12th century or 5000 BC or anything like that. You didn’t incarnate as a Neanderthal or those types of areas. You are not living in caves. You are not painting in caves.

The Illusion of Linearity and History

Yet, you are told to believe, for instance – that is one of those things that people are going to find out – you are told to believe that there is this massive, massive history of human evolution that goes so far back that people keep saying, “This gets older, that gets older.” People constantly find things getting older when they go into archaeological digs. And there is always more and more proof of how unimportant the human being truly is, and the human consciousness truly is in the larger picture, let’s say.

Now, as all of that history – and this is taught very much by Da Isis San in her Merkavah training – but as all of that history gets loaded onto your mind over and over again, you get bogged down, if you will, with this concept of linearity and Darwinistic etc. evolution that really is not so precise as people like to point out, you know.

So, what I am trying to say here is that a large part of this Ekaraia, in the sense of the linear time of it, is actually mostly theoretical. There is only a very specific beginning point and end point as far as time goes that students are actually born into or manifested into this Ekaraia. And that only goes as far back as the Lemurian starting point that Da Kuthumi San likes to talk about in the Study of Vibration. For him, the arrival point was the Pool of Death and Rebirth on Big Island, Hawaii. He speaks about this somewhere in the middle of the Study of Vibration, SOV 157.

But this is one of those things that are going to become very clear. That a lot of history is absolutely incorrect and completely non-existent to begin with, but that can only become clear with a great shattering of belief systems, and I guess you could argue that that is the phase that we are in right now, that shattering of those belief systems. In a way if you are aware how many of these beings in the media and in politics, ultimately, are, what you could consider an akeneic creation as well. So, you have the level of service to self and service to other, and you have the level of akeneic creations, on which you can observe this Ekaraia. So, you could argue that from a certain perspective, these officials and all of these other people speaking in the media, having completely gone insane and saying crazier and crazier things all the time – look at Joe Biden as a good example – you could argue that is a great gift because there is only so much that people can take before their belief system and their acceptance of this reality as it stands today, just snaps. When they are like, “Well, this is just impossible! Something is wrong here.” And that is when the search starts. And that is where many that are unaware that they are on the service to self path can be assisted by those like yourself.

But that is not a requirement of a student on the path of ascension. This is just something that a lot of people are going to encounter in their lives. A lot of people that are naturally service to others based are going to encounter this.

Anyway. Would you like to add anything, Pahdasan’ka?

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: I think it is an interesting level to remain perceiving things at, that everything here is created akeneically. So, most of these large players, which seem very negative in your life, are actually either Ascended Life or even perhaps future versions of yourself in here to teach. It is a different way of looking at it. But it is the case.

So, as you touched on earlier, all of this stuff really is in the Study of Vibration.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Yes.

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: This is all dealt with in the Study of Vibration, these kinds of stories, if you like, and how they can affect you emotionally or physically or vibrationally, generally. But it is all created from akeneic space. It is a learning ground.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: I see that Lisa has a question here, so, I will click the unmute. There you go! It’s handy.

About Karma

Da Akeyasan Lisa San: Hi! Yes, speaking about that what you just said, the players… What was my question? To be honest if it weren’t for the players… We have just to see the darkness in order to know the light. So, there is gratitude in their playing their role, because they are playing their role, but I want to talk a bit about karma.

So, the people who are unconsciously doing that job in the pharmaceutical or the climate change that you touched upon, who aren’t aware, and even us, even myself… I am sure everybody has this unconscious karma that we played in. Is that something that will affect us in any way?

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Well…

Da Akeyasan Lisa San: I mean, like just for instance the factory farming meat, eating meat for 48 years, you know, not knowing the suffering of the animals. Because I just feel like this poisoning of the humans is kind of what we did to the animals. It just feels like a big thing of karma in a way. That is what I wanted to say.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Well, first of all, what I would like to say about that, is that from an akeneic perspective, outside of this Ekaraia in the metaphysical Domain, Da Karma San is a being. She is what I would like to call ‘one of my girlfriends’ together with Da Isis San and Zyona San. We form a little bit of a gang sometimes out there.

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: A girl band.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: ‘A girl band’, as they say, yes.

So, this is not a theoretical concept. This is something that is very practical. This is an actual being. This is a being that shares her consciousness with the rest of all living things, all living beings. That first of all.

So, that being said, you cannot be affected negatively by karma for behavior that is unconsciously put upon you.

Da Akeyasan Lisa San: Okay.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: You see? If you are put in a position where you cause a type of suffering to a being, but you are not actively choosing to generate that suffering, then what are you actually doing? Then you could say that the responsibility of that suffering is to be put down with the being or beings that are creating the circumstances that cause you or that lead you to generate this type of lifestyle. You see?

Now, again, you could also look at it from an even more abstract perspective, as far as the Ekaraia is concerned, and look at it completely akeneically. And then, of course, none of the animals, or at least the physical bodies of none of these animals are even real or are even there, and that they are simply in an evolution process, as much as you are.

For instance, as a little example, I have two golden retrievers, or we have two golden retrievers … ‘have’… We have the honor of existing together with two golden retrievers, I should say, and they are currently very close to evolving into human expressions, not necessarily physically close to the end of their lifetime. I am not talking about it like that, but I am talking about manifesting these next levels of human consciousness.

So, all of that, even these animals that are placed here, that are also on this path that have been… So, from the perspective of the animal that was eaten, let me say it like that. Let’s speak of the cow that was slaughtered and eaten, from Karma’s perspective that cow is in a service to others based evolution because it is sacrificing itself in a time that beings like us, the humans that are eating these bodies in very cruel processing factories and that sort of stuff, are coming to awakening of that realization. Until that time, there is a very beautiful service to other based relationship going on, and that relationship that that consciousness of that cow or the consciousness of a pet or the consciousness of anything like that then evolves with you. So, there is a soul family that gets born out of that. And that is a very different way of looking at things.

It would, of course, be completely different if you actually want to hurt that cow and make it suffer and then eat it, so that you can say, “I hurt and now I am eating the heart of my enemy,” or something like that. Then, of course, you can talk about Karma. Then she ain’t kind. Then she gets involved, but that is also part of this exercise.

People often believe that negative karma is happening, while actually… people don’t understand the positive inclination that everything has here. This entire Ekaraia, this entire reality has a positive perspective, has an inclination towards service to others, towards the evolution in unity. So, these beings are all placed in beautiful symphonic relationships with each other. And, therefore, the karma that you are talking about is probably smaller than you believe it is – for most beings.

Da Akeyasan Lisa San: Okay.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: So, anyway. It is going to become a very interesting time, I think, as we go into the next few months and as we now are in sort of the final tail of this particular tale. The next one, I think, is going to be very interesting. I don’t know if you are all aware of astrology, but there are very interesting astrological readings out there. I am thinking of a few now. I will put the link underneath the video when I put the video online on the mentorship group. But there are a couple of astrological reports lately that indicate the forces that I am talking about as the beginning of a new era that a lot of people in astrology consider worrisome because everything I am talking about coming to a head, of course, is not pretty. This is not Lemurian times where things are, of course, very elegant and precise in its evolution. This evolution is happening in a chaotic way. It is happening in an unbalanced way, mainly because there is an unbalance between the service to self based beings and the service to others based beings.

And that unbalance, I already explained earlier, is because many are confused about what they are actually doing. The masks haven’t come off completely yet. But as that happens this year, then we can leave this whole story behind us and start focusing on a more metaphysical perspective of Earth and space and this dimension altogether.

And when that time comes… Well, yes. When that time comes, we certainly will look back on these days, and I think that we will be grateful for them, and that many beings will be grateful that life is not going to return to the normal that they were expecting. Who would want to go back there?

I mean, I think that, you speak about Canada being in lockdown earlier. The Netherlands is also in lockdown at the moment, and I think that a lot of… People constantly are saying, “Why aren’t the people that run cafés and restaurants and stores revolting and saying, enough of this?” But I think it is because people don’t want those lives, and right now, the state is actually paying them to stay closed and give them some sort of universal basic income – which is, of course, where all of this would be headed if it wouldn’t fall apart, as you are already seeing it fall apart.

But a lot of people, they don’t want to go back to that old life because it is a life of suffering. The world should not be the way it was, nor should it be the way it is, but we all know the way it should be and the way it can be. And that is what we are going to create out of this chaos.

The Chaotic Spectacular

You know, they always say, order out of chaos is a illuminati based or whatever, black magic based concept, but you should remember, where do these concepts come from. Where do you think they steal them from?

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: They haven’t got original ideas.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Those are not original ideas, indeed.

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: They have not a single original idea.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: The original ideas are, ultimately, akeneic.

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: Yeah, there is no creative ability.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: So, chaos, chaos… Look at your thoughts. How do you create an original thought? You go into a state of meditation mostly, a state of meditation, which appears to be quiet, appears to be silent, but you go into what Zebulon or Zyona – which are manifestations of Adamus San and of Isis San in the 2nd quantum dimension; but another thing about that another time – what Zebulon and Zyona would say, is that you then go into the ‘chaotic spectacular’, which is the state where all of this that you are and see around you is undone of its vibrational illusion and where all of the matter and energy and geometry exists simply as ingredients of San, so, where everything is simply those building blocks.

Now, as you arrive there, of course, or as you take off the blindfold and see what is really there, then that can, indeed, appear chaotic, but it is also spectacular. That is why literally ‘chaotic spectacular’ is used to describe that void.

So, in other words, that silence that you enter, as you enter into meditation, is the state of chaos. That is the chaos from which you create this reality, from which you create energy, vibration, matter; therefore, order. And again, understanding this assists both the service to self based entity and the service to other based entity to rise above those illusory states, because both states are illusory, and eventually unify in the service to whole based perspective. And that is where we are going.

What I said earlier about the tip of that frequency, the politicians and some of the main media figures, those you can expect are going to go around that 25’000 year cycle a few more times perhaps. But for most, these beings are going to evolve towards service to the whole, together with you.

I mean, and when I say words such as ‘evolve’ or anything that implies a process, please understand, I am using English as a language – or any human language – and, therefore, I am always imprecise when I speak of something that is in evolution because, of course, from the state of Vahlyn, that is not so. One thing moves from one state to the other state. There is not an evolution. This state is whole and complete; this state is whole and complete. This moment is one moment; this moment is another moment. You put them together and you say, “Well, it evolves from one to the next,” but it doesn’t. You are now observing this moment; then you are observing that moment; then you are observing that moment. They are all complete moments.

Anyway. Any other questions that anybody has or any remarks that anybody wants to make? Also, of course, the Hana Akeyasans, in case you are all being very polite and wanting to give everyone else a chance to speak. But if anybody wants to say anything, let me know.

Ah, here we go. Unmuting. San’a’ke!

Da Akeyasan Lisa San: Sorry, guys!

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: No, I am happy to finally be talking to you! It’s wonderful!

About Synchronicity

Da Akeyasan Lisa San: Thank you. I just have a question about synchronicity. So, you know, it is more and more, it is constant. Paying attention, it is just constant synchronicity, like quick! Everything is coming quick. And I just wondering, is that a form of channeling or is that something that is already there, but I am just noticing, or is that a form of other guidance?

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: I would say, it is the normal state of… the normal way of things, the normal way things are. It is usually not picked up by the mind when the mind is too complex or when the mind is – how shall I say? – too focused on the linear mental world around it, but the more that fades away, the more that is released, then the field of what you call ‘synchronicity’, which I would say, is the normal cause and effect, is the normal flow, the normal akeneic way of being, simply emerges in that point. I think that is just a natural evolution. That is something that simply always there, but the more you focus on it, the more it appears.

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: You start to read your reality differently, like the signs in it. It is from Peter Moon.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Yes. Have you ever read the Peter Moon books?

Da Akeyasan Lisa San: No.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: If you haven’t, there is a very interesting one called ‘Synchronicity and the Seventh Seal’. Now, I am not saying, go and get that book or anything. It is just… He is an author that is very heavily focused on synchronicity, and especially in that book and the two later ones – which I can’t now recall the title of, but the two following ones – he speaks about that a lot. But also, in that he would argue that, ultimately, the more you focus on it, the more it appears in your life. Because, you know, ultimately, you could say, it is an indication, like a barometer for yourself of where your focus is, where your field of focus really is.

And when we go on – probably tomorrow in the next class or the next time we have one of these – we will make this a little bit more practical because I would like to start working with you all with White Space Training, Merkavah exercises, San-based exercises, Eja’i Chi Pah in general, basically. Only then can a lot of things that I am now saying be made clear in a practical way. There is so many things that, such as the concept of synchronicity, it is very difficult to put this into words, while a little bit down the road, you are going to be able to understand when I say, it is that particular stream that is in that area of your kakra system, you know. And that is an actual stream that is constantly connecting all of the different San ingredients.

Da Akeyasan Lisa San: Ooh! Wow, okay! Let’s go there!

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Exactly. The ability to focus on all of these places at the same time, including this one here, is, of course, what this is all about right now.

Anyone else have any questions? Ah, I see Da Jamie San and Da Kaia San.

Great Hope for the Awakening of Many

Da Akeyasan Kaia Blossom San: San’a’ke! So, I have a question a little bit more about what is going on right now related to the vaccine and the people who have been vaccinated. I guess I am curious about what it means for those people, like, is there any sense in hoping for their awakening? I guess, I am not sure how to feel about it or how to… what it means for their soul, I guess.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Yes, well, the short answer would be, yes. Of course, there is a hope – and great hope – for awakening. I think that everyone right now is vastly overestimating the ability of the dualistic world and the ability for long-term permanent damage. Because even going as far back as Da Jeshua San, you have to think this way: The mental world, everything that is born from mind, everything that is born from duality, has a beginning, a middle, and an end. There is always a beginning and an end. This goes for these vaccine injections – all of these things. I think that while on perhaps the biological level, yes, it is true that there are certainly beings that are going to be… and already are suffering quite a bit – you all know this – quite a bit of damage and even death. On a soul level, however – and that is also what I want everyone to really understand for this whole playbook that is happening right now – from an akeneic perspective, nothing at all is going on. This is merely a physical state of being right now that is not, ultimately, going to have any other effects, except for positive effects; except for the awakening, the raising in consciousness of uncountable beings.

The other day I came across this meme on Twitter that said: Imagine trying to cause a great reset and triggering a great awakening accidentally. But that is, ultimately, what is happening.

Now, from an akeneic perspective it is, of course, always sad that some of these beings, some of these people, have passed on, but again, it is a learning ground, and these people, these souls, are going to have … are already experiencing other chances, many of which are probably going to be immediately representing themselves here and now again with very different intent. I think that most of the people, in other words, that have now in this lifetime passed on from these injections and such, you could argue, are promptly reemerging with this Ekaraia since the late 90s.

So, you have to think of it, it is again not a linear perspective. I’ll clarify. A lot of people, to say it bluntly, that are dying from these injections today, are reincarnating in the 90s and in the early 2000s and are already in other lifetimes back on this Earth. You could say that a lot of them are suffering to some extent from autistic experiences and that sort of thing, but, ultimately, are also here to make a change.

This thing is going to fall apart. This whole thing is going to backfire, is going to implode in on itself, and these negative intentions will eventually have positive outcomes. That is what I want to tell you.

Also, I think that a lot of people should know that even on a physical level, it is possible to remove these effects that the injections bring, simply through the application of MMS, as one thing. MMS will remove everything from the body that is not supposed to be there, everything, in a very simple way. It will just use oxygen. It will steal electrons off things that shouldn’t be there and will basically make them implode, whether they are bacteria, whether they are fungi,… Well, viruses aren’t what people believe them to be, but whether they are viruses that shouldn’t be in the body let’s say and also, whether they are… I don’t care if they are nanobots. You know, nanobots still have electrons. Everything that manifests here is based on electrons, atoms, that sort of thing. And MMS, being an invention – a manifestation I should say – of Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San, designed specifically for the purpose of removing those sorts of things that shouldn’t be there, those sorts of effects, if applied properly and with consciousness because it is a very strong tool. You know, you can’t like overserve yourself, let’s say. You can have quite some impactful effects from that, but it can certainly help.

And I believe that anyone that has been injected in a certain frame of mind, when raising their consciousness towards another level of awareness, can easily undo those effects and even undo the experience altogether.

I don’t know if that is where you wanted the question to go.

Da Akeyasan Kaia San: Yes, for sure! Da’ka’ya.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Da’ka’ya. Is there anyone else that has any questions at the moment? Because if there aren’t…Oh, I see over here. I will unmute you guys. San’a’ke.

Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San: San’a’ke. I just noticed that you spoke about earlier a shared Merkabah, and you said that it is about sharing and exchange, it is a very different thing. I just noticed that you said that, and I think there is much more to say about that maybe.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Well, yes, it is in the context of what I said in the exchange between beings. Energy comes and goes and is in a type of orbital, satellite based situation, whereas if you are sharing information or sharing things with one another, there is nothing that is gained and nothing that is lost. Both parties stay at the same level of balance.

Anyone else that wants to ask a question at the moment? Because, otherwise, I think we are going to start closing down for the evening.

Pahdasan’ka, meanwhile while people think about that, is there something you would like to ask or add?

Words of Gratitude

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: I would like to say thank you to everyone for coming and joining in this way. You may have noticed I am a bit of a virgin to the digital platform. But this, I really like it. I like that fact that I can see everyone and talk directly. It is really one less filter, so, I am really grateful, and I hope that this is the first of many, and many more people will join, too.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Yes, indeed. Indeed.

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: I hope it is has been helpful because I feel we have thrown a lot of things, it is a little bit chaotic perhaps. It is difficult to try and summarize the whole thing, but I am sure, going forward, as we connect things more practical… They will become much easier to digest, these concepts and the implications of them.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Well, yes, I think that what I like about this sort of set-up right now is that we can exchange ideas, and I also hope that you all feel in the coming opportunities that you all feel free to share ideas, to also bring up topics that you would like us to go deeper into and all of that.

And then, besides that, we will also, of course, continue with the more one-way classes, let’s say, such as the previous one, ‘The Principles of Vah’ and that sort of thing. We will also continue with that. And then, as a third arm of these mentorship classes, I would like to begin the Eja’i Chi Pah side of that, where we will go into very practical training, such as White Space Training and working with the active ingredients. I don’t do that part of the classes so much. It is Da Pah Ekara San that will be mostly here for that. Yes.

So, between those three different approaches, I think we are going to be able to create a very good evolution for all of us.

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: Absolutely, it is inevitable.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: So, does anybody else still  have a question? Or is that where we leave it for today? I am just going to unmute all of you for a second. It is probably going to be easier. There we go.

San’a’ke everyone!

Akeyasans: San’a’ke.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: So, maybe you don’t have any questions anymore, but does anybody else have any famous last words for today?

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San: I just wanted to say thank you. Da’ka’ya. This was amazing. It always is. And I shared earlier, Da Pah Kwan Yin San, I have been on the path for quite a while and have the incredible honor to be a direct student of Da Pah Kwan Yin San and Ascended Life. And where we have gone and where we are going and continue to go in this expression of the mentorship program and all of us coming together, really blows me away. It is more experiential than anything that I thought it would be. It is sort of like, you’re being told, “Expect this to come,” and it comes.

So, I just want to say, it is here. It feels so much here that even though I am stuck in the United States, and I can’t wait to come back home, and I know this is going to happen soon – those horrible people out there! No, I am kidding – I just want to say thank you.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: We are trying to get you on a freight ship or something!

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San: Maybe I have to practice swimming or something! But anyway. I just want to say that and to put that out there and the energetic support of all of this for every student that is going to be part of this whole process because it is amazing. Now I am just meandering around but I just wanted to say thank you with all my heart to you and to everyone.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Really, my intent with this, as I have always said, of course, here with Da Pahdasan’ka and with the ones here in Hana San Ka, we talk all the time. We express all the time, and I wanted to find a way to make it possible for others that can’t physically be here to open that up. So, that is also why I want this to become something very… not always planned in, but it is going to often happen that we are going to find ourselves in conversation and we are just going to open this up for anyone that is available at that time. And anyone else can, of course, watch afterwards. But I would like to begin to create a scenario where all of us truly start to work together on all of this and begin to have a very positive impact.

So, I really want to thank you all for having taken the time. I also know that, sometimes, it can take a while for everything to be lined up the way it needs to be for us to get going, and that some of you have even waited as long as August for this to happen again. So, I am very, very grateful to all of you – but that goes without saying, of course.

So, yes, I look forward to either tomorrow or the next day, either tomorrow or Sunday, to pick this back up. I will let you know tonight, before we sign off later, what we are going to do with that. But thank you.

Anyone else? Feel free to speak. I am going to sign the both of us off now and I am going to leave this open a little bit longer. I will turn the recording off, but I am going to leave this open a little bit longer for those of you that want to continue connecting with each other. Alright?

Akeyasans: Da’ka’ya.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Da Akeyan’shi imzaia’e.

Akeyasans: Da Pah Kwan Yin San imzaia’e.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Very, very grateful to you all. San’a’ke.

Akeyasans: San’a’ke.


Class 2 – What Reality Are You Focusing On?


Da Pah Kwan Yin San


January 7, 2022

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Da Akeyasan Jonathan San
10 months ago

Thank you for making this available to all! It was truly wonderful seeing your faces and feeling our shared intent again. Its been too long. Infinite gratitude! Hugs ps, very much looking forward to ‘white space’ training 🙂 Hope to see you on the flip side!

Imzaia World
10 months ago

You are ever so welcome, Da Jonathan San, and the gratitude is reciprocal in all ways ❤️ eja’i imzaia’e oja’i shi’ha’lyn ❤️ I belove in you and you belove in I, always ❤️🙏🏻❤️ Da Pah Kwan Yin San

Da Hana Akeyasan Amy San
10 months ago

San’a’ke 🌈
Da’ka’ya o Da Pah Kwan Yin San o Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San for this wonderful class and the many topics discussed ❤️🙏🏻❤️ One of the topics that really hit home for me was that you said it was about demanding of yourself to choose love in every moment. The truth is, you have said this in so many different ways before, and we have so very many reasons to easily do so. With everything we know it is indeed about demanding this of myself, with every heartbeat and in between. Da’ka’ya

Last edited 10 months ago by Da Hana Akeyasan Amy San

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