• Da Akeyasan Kim San posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    San’a’ke Akeyan’shi Imzaia’e
    Now 🧡 we have started to do Chi Gong exercises in the morning together…

    A~gain I notice how good this is as I slow down my pace at the start of a cycle. The slow conscious movements we do, increase my awareness of my body while moving and I see how this comes with me into the day. In the work I do on the building up of our Akeyasan house I notice a slower pace and more care, more Grace indeed.

    Today in Chi Gong I decided to leave the I am breathing. I remembered my teacher saying: “Mind in Tantien” and realized how I can more explore the Adonai with this.

    Ow… I become aware of the extremely short attention span when focussing the mind there. Then an evolution takes place: I try several times to bring what I experience as ‘my’ mind/attention there. Then I realize I exist here. Then I realize I am in the Adonai. Experiencing the difference between ‘existing’ and ‘being’ is interesting. In being tHere I sense more joy, more liveliness.

    Then a thought comes to allow myself to be in the Adonai and then I can feel more, how to say, more… well can’t find words here. Feeling more of what this truly is. And I can stay longer in the experience.

    So far the Adonai was the Kakra I didn’t explore in this way, by tuning in, observing. I do live my passion passionately.

    I have seen myself trying to rush finishing this Ascension House so I have more time and focus for my personal Ascension Path and we can open to (new) Akeyasan students.

    Being with Da Pah Ekara San’s ‘Ascended Senses’ I realize I can use my experiences in realizing this house, in my Ascension process as well. I will use the possibility offered, to connect and work together through this heArtpiece by Da Pah Ekara San.
    In Gratitude ♾️ Da’Ka’Ya
    San’a’kaya I Ohami Imzaia’e
    I beLove in us

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