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    “In order to step fully onto the Ascension path, you must breathe ascension, eat ascension and drink ascension. In short: you must become ascension. You cannot allow for any distractions, and you must put yourself in a position where it is the only thing that matters, and around beings to which that is the same.”

    Da Ojadasanka Adamus Valen San

    Bringing this into what I call ‘my’ Life into practice, into expression. I breathe Ascension during Chi Gong exercises as I use the I am breathing in combination with the Active Ingredients of San:
    I am ~ Love
    I am ~ Joy
    I am ~ Freedom
    I am ~ Truth
    I am ~ Life
    I am ~ Gratitude
    I am ~ Grace
    I am ~ Well Being

    & in my exploration and expansion of this principle now I add: I am ~ sovereignty

    Increasing my focus and action into Ascension today I find many inspirations.
    In Eating Ascension I have practiced several methods today. One very simple one is simply placing a Flower of Life under .y cup of coffee. Actually our storage jars here have them too.

    Then before eating, I start the ‘I am’ breathing. Breathing in and ackNowledging all that is experienced, as : “I” then breathe ‘am’ into all while breathing out.
    This melts away the illusion of Seperation. Now feeling the ‘food’ is much easier.

    As I am finding ways in increasing the Active Ingredient Grace I connected with the sphere of Grace when I ate a cupcake. Then I could see the joy of someone forming a ball of dough and the inspiration to make these vegan cakes.

    Then I thought I shouldn’t eat this for ‘sugar. being bad for teeth’ believes. I thought of Da Solarys San reminding us that the Self cannot hurt the Self. This time I used a blending through the infinity sign recognizing the teeth and organs in the cake and vice versa so they could harmonize as one again.

    I noticed how today I was much more able to easily feel when and what I wanted to eat.

    Regularly I brought my focus to Ascension again. Interesting to notice how I slowed down my pace.
    This morning during Chi Gong I saw the pattern in me that wants to go forward from one experience to the next. I looked at it’s Geometry and saw a 90 degree angle of two lines, one shorter then the other, pointing forward. Like a dowsing rod. I brought it’s Geometry into the heart of the Pineal Glande to blend this with the Flower of Life and then it’s fixed position opened up and it could move with more rotational possibility.

    May you find and act on your consciously chosen focus.
    I Love All of us

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        • Da’ka’ya for your message, Da Akeyasan Kim San. Through Da Pah Kwan Yin San, I am aware that you have recently started sending in audio recordings to start the Conversation. I, and many other members of ascended life, including Da Pah Kwan Yin San, are very excited and happy to get started. We will respond in full, soon.
          — Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San
          • Da’Ka’Ya Da Ojadasanka Adamus Valen San Imzaia’e. Onederful to hear from you here. I honor us san’a’kaya I Ohami

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