• Da Akeyasan James Madison San posted an update 1 year ago

    San’ak’e Akeyan’shi. It is done. The cosmic 12 have consumed themselves. Shiva has done the dance. The snake ate it’s tail. Now, how will you embellish the blank slate of undivinity???? The sun is rising this morning. Amen.
    Ohami ❤❤❤❤❤

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        • San’a’ke o Da Akeyasan James Madison San 🔥🙏🔥 You are going to love the Dan Sessions when they start soon! The Study of the Pah, as the state is reached during the start and end of each cycle, is expressed in San and Dan Sessions, if you will, each quite unique from one another. Also, I’m sure you will enjoy experiencing (and expressing) the next two SOV Sessions, 121 and 122, which is indeed about the point in the SOV Sessions when the cosmic twelve expand within. Ohami imzaia’e ❤️
          • Da’ka’ya Da Pah Kwan Yin San. I have been prepared for the fireworks. Let the expression spring forth. I already feel the presence within. May all be inwardly blessed with outward radiance ❤🕊 Let the cosmic dance begin!

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