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    “One of the keys to understanding peace, the concept of peace as a living thing and not as a dead idea, is to realize that peace is the complete and harmonious integration of light and dark, so that all is in balance within the whole entity and all of that entity’s faculties are brought to bear on a situation; not simply those faculties towards the good but those faculties that might be considered towards the negative. For the thief, the coveter, the lazy one, all of those dark voices within, can be charmed into becoming the bedrock of will that puts grit into the expression of love that the “light” part of self has no trouble expressing. Yet when the going becomes rough, it is that dark side of self that is able to take hold in difficult situations and endure. That same darkness that could be the wolf that bites, then, has become the best support possible for the light. And this is the hoped-for result of an incarnation full of both the light and the dark as the seasons revolve and as the seasons of inner life revolve as well.

    So we take this opportunity to praise the dark as well as the light and to ask each of you to work on embracing all parts of the self, loving, honoring and respecting each and finding ways each day to come into more conscious harmony of being. As you are able to find your kingdom within becoming peaceable, just to that extent shall you be able to be a force for peace to those about you. No matter how you strive, if you do not embrace the dark side of self, you shall ever be less of a messenger for peace and more of a voice that has not the force and directness to project into the Earth plane with all of its inner planes of energy.” – Q’uo

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