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    Hi beloved imzaia soul family! 🪷
    I hope you are all experiencing a wonderful time since my last class of September 22, Introduction to Light Body DNA.

    As you may know, since this most recent class, I have been preparing for Da Solarys San’s next presentation, The Heart of Portal Travel, which I had hoped would be today, but I have been made aware a little while ago that it would be for the best to move all presentations forward one final week, so as to be properly lined up for continuation.

    As such, the next metaphysical mentorship class will be presented next Wednesday, October 26, at 10pm CET (please note we’ll be an hour earlier from now on) and the first Sanday Show will happen on Sunday, October 30, at 10pm CET.

    Check the imzaia event schedule for further details here:

    In the unlikely scenario that Da Solarys San would still not be be ready for her broadcast next Wednesday, I will instead present a class myself, so one way or another, we will meet again on October 26!

    Last but not least, I want to thank those that have sent in questions — feel free to keep them coming! — and I look forward to addressing them in a mentorship Q&A either next Wednesday or the week after, depending on the timing of Da Solarys San’s presentation.

    Eja’i imzaia’e ❤️
    I belove in you 🌹

    Da Pah Kwan Yin San 🙏

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      • San’a’ke o Da Pah Kwan Yin San ❤️ Da’ka’ya for this awesome update. I am focusing on Ohami alignment and imagining so much expansion in the embrace of Da Solarys San and ascended life, my heart is already singing!Da imzaia shi’ha’lyn o vah’da’mi ❤️🚀❤️ San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e 🙏

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