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    When we understand that consciousness is the only reality, we know that it is the only creator. This means that your consciousness is the creator of your destiny.

    The fact is, you are creating your destiny every moment, whether you know it or not. Much that is good and even wonderful has come into your life without your having any inkling that you were the creator of it.

    However, the understanding of the causes of your experience, and the knowledge that you are the sole creator of the contents of your life, both good and bad, not only make you a much keener observer of all phenomena, but through the awareness of the power of your own consciousness, intensify your appreciation of the richness and grandeur of life.

    – Neville Goddard

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      • San’a’ke 🙏 Indeed. Once you fully understand and know that you create your reality – or ‘destiny’ as Neville Goddard put it – it does make you “a much keener observer of all phenomena” and “intensifies your appreciation of the richness and grandeur of life.” I am experiencing that first hand. It is like looking around in one’s reality with the eyes of a child, in wonderment of one’s creation. You feel the expansion and the joy that ensues from going about your day with this awareness. With that also comes responsibility, the responsibility to consciously create one’s reality from a place of San. ❤🙏❤

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