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    🔔 Next in line for release in transcript form is Study of Vibration Session 125, which was made available free for all a few minutes ago on Imzaia World 🥰

    From the description: “Da Tobias San repeats the first Cosmic Principle, shared earlier by Da Satya San in Sessions 104 through 108 (“The Pleiadean Principles”): Everything that one pushes away has to return to one, and everything one tries to hold close will be pushed away, much like a pendulum. He shares that it is the practical realization of this first Cosmic Principle that allows the student to discover that all the stars, the planets and galaxies, which in vibrational matter are experienced as far away in time and space, are in fact nothing but portals, leading one back to the place one started, here on Earth, in a different dimensional variable of the original starting point. Last but not least, through the first Cosmic Principle, one learns that that Love, when experienced unconditionally, will express as Joy in this reality.”

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